Reuters Runs Democratic Talking Points: Global Warming Worse Than Terrorism?

In April I wrote about the opening of the Democrats' Election 2008 Talking Points Tour. It kicked off with Barack Obama preaching the certainty of fossil fuels heating up our planet while conveniently neglecting to mention what is heating up Mars and Jupiter.

The media has turned the tour up a notch with a twisted fascination over Al Gore, coverage excuse provided by his new movie on global warming that is certain man is heating the planet with SUV usage while conveniently neglecting to mention what is heating up Mars and Jupiter. Al ensures full media coverage by bringing the war into it.

"I also believe that after 9/11 if, in addition to rallying the country and wisely invading Afghanistan to pursue Osama bin Laden, that if the president of the United States had said 'Let's become independent of oil and coal', that people would have responded to that."

Yeah, we responded to that in the 70's. It would have been nice if he had done something about it when he was sipping iced tea with the Red Chinese. But Bill Clinton can't run for President again so he comes right out and says what other Democrats won't:

"Climate change is more remote than terror but a more profound threat to the future of the children and the grandchildren and the great-grandchildren I hope all of you have... I think we should be in the Kyoto climate change system..."

There you have it, the environmental trinity hath spoken. Don't worry about getting your throat slit with a box cutter, your plane flown into a building, your building hit by a plane, your train blown up, Anthrax in the mail, roadside bombs, or beheadings. That's all insignificant when you consider the ocean might rise an inch in the next fifty years.

Of course the media is completely willing to play along. Reuters closes their article with this objective and unbiased claim:

The United States is considered the largest emitter of the "greenhouse gases" blamed for global warming... Generally, it is believed that the burning of fossil fuels is the primary cause of climate change.

If we're to blame for the world's environmental problems, why is it that Asia is the place where you can't walk outside without a respirator? Clinton and Reuters conveniently neglect to mention that Kyoto doesn't put the same standards on Asia that it would have put on us. And if the environmental trinity of Barack, Al and Bill are so sure that fossil fuels cause climate change, maybe they would like to explain Mars and Jupiter.

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