Sheehanigans at the LA Times

Pat Morrison editorializes for the LA Times, I'm going to have to break this one down one stream-of-consciousness at a time:

WHO DIED AND left Cindy Sheehan in charge? We put her in charge the press, the politicians, the people. We put her in charge not just of her own message and her mission, which is all she had asked for, but we cranked up her voice to equal volume with the man she's calling out: POTUS himself, George W. Bush.

Let me get this straight... We, the people, "cranked up her voice" equal to the President of the United States? Huh. What edition of the LA Times do I run? Because I've got some immigration and UN corruption stories I'd like to run.

Sheehan, who just knows that she's against the war because her boy died there and she doesn't want that to happen to anyone else

Wait a minute, is that all she knows? I thought she knew Bush was a murderer who should be tried at the Hague for war crimes, and that America has been slaughtering and conquering for over 200 years, and that Israel should get out of "Palestine", and that the whole war was only to make Bush and his friends rich. Don't underestimate what Sheehan knows, she's a real smartee.

Sheehan gets quizzed about strategic policy as if she were on the Council on Foreign Relations, and she gets ridiculed when she founders.

That might be because she thinks she has all the answers but hasn't thought any of them through. Is it not fair to press her on what should be done if not the current course of action? Hmmm?

She's treated the way the interrogators ought to be treating the likes of Pat Robertson when he says we should save ourselves some bucks on another war by just assassinating the president of Venezuela

Pat Robertson was on the front page of my newspaper today. He was on every news channel last night. He garners 2,160 articles in Google News. Granted, Cindy Sheehan has 12,900 articles in Google News but nearly 100% of those are supporting her fatwa against the President. So tell me how Pat Robertson is somehow getting off easy?

Some Fox talk show host let himself in for a hernia, straining to knit Sheehan into a sinister geo-conspiracy: "I can't help but notice that Cindy Sheehan is from Vacaville, Calif., very close to UC Davis, very close to UC Berkeley, reasonably close to UC Santa Cruz, where I believe that a lot of those WTO protesters came from."

"Some Fox talk show host"? You didn't by chance get a name, did you? Does this fleeting recollection pass for sourcing at the LA Times now?

Cindy Sheehan's was a voice we had not heard.

That Bush is a murderer and should be tried for war crimes? Nah, I hear that voice every time I pick up the LA Times.

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