TV Reporter: Chicago's Gun Buyback Program 'Is Better Than Nothing, Right?'

On Fox Chicago News Friday evening, reporter Tera Williams did a piece on Chicago's gun buyback program scheduled for today.  The city gives prepaid credit cards for weapons turned in.  This year it's paying $100 for each assault weapon, $75 for guns and $10 for BB guns, air guns and replica guns.
Williams questioned several residents on the effectiveness of the program.  One man told her (at about 1:47 of the video), "It's a good way to start."  Williams replied: "Something's better than nothing, right?" while nodding her head affirmatively.

Chicago's been trying to do "something" about guns for years.  Since 1982, it's outlawed hand guns.  The gun buyback scheme has run since 2006.  Yet, as of two weeks ago, homicides for the year hit 113 and two Democratic lawmakers recommended National Guard deployment to quell the violence.

The gun turn-in program is no more successful than the many "stop the violence" marches that gun-grabbing Chicago mayor Richard Daley and his police chief participate in.  In asserting that something's better than nothing, reporter Williams revealed her own bias.    


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