CNN's Roberts: Why Is a 'Mandate for Having Health Insurance a Bad Thing? There's a Mandate for Having Car Insurance'

On CNN's American Morning today, anchor John Roberts pressed one of President Barack Obama's talking points on the Democratic health care plan.  Roberts talked with former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, who opposes ObamaCare.  Currently the chairman of FreedomWorks, Armey criticized "the audacity of the government mandating to the American people: you must all buy a product that I define for you."  Then Roberts went to work:

ROBERTS: But why is it mandate for having health insurance a bad thing? There's a mandate for having car insurance.

ARMEY: Well, first of all, you have to understand, America is a nation that was founded on the concept of personal liberty, that liberty is a gift given to mankind by the Lord God Almighty and it's the duty of governments to protect your liberty.

ROBERTS: Do you have car insurance?

ARMEY: Not to trespass against your liberty.

ROBERTS: Do you have car insurance?

ARMEY: Do I have car insurance? Of course, I have car insurance.

ROBERTS: You have to have car insurance.

Roberts exhibited bulldog tenacity in advancing Obama's contention that mandatory car and health insurance are comparable.  Car insurance is mandated by most states, not by Washington.  Car insurance is avoidable; health insurance will not be.  Car insurance is for the protection of other people, not the driver.  Car insurance is mandated in exchange for the privilege of driving.  ObamaCare will be required for the privilege of breathing.

Otherwise, they're exactly alike.

Discouraged by Obama's inability to force his health scheme on a nation that doesn't want it, many in the mainstream media are doing the heavy lifting for him.  Even at the risk of looking silly.            

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