Bob Dylan Tells Rolling Stone: "Where's the Global Warming? It's Freezing Here."

May 30th, 2007 4:00 PM

In the new 40th Anniversary Edition of Rolling Stone magazine, Editor Jann Wenner asks rocker-icon Bob Dylan, "Do you worry about global warming?" and Dylan responds: "Where's the global warming? It's freezing here." 

The point is that Dylan was half-serious and questioning Wenner's liberal assumptions, as were a number of other 1960s rock icons who gave some startlingly sober answers to the hyper-idealized drivel regurgitated by Wenner and other questioners. (Hat tip to When asked his views about the 1960s, Director Steven Spielberg replied, "Just narcissism, a collective and personal narcissism." 

Actor Jack Nicholson declared: "I'm a patriotic fella and this factionalism today isn't to my liking. I'm incapable of hating a president of the United States." Stewart Brand, a former LSD user and the creator of the Whole Earth Catalog, said: "Almost everything we tried either failed hideously or didn't pan out. Communes failed, drugs went nowhere, free love led pretty much to AIDS. A lot of people thought Mao Tse Tung was a hero."

Neil Young, who wrote a famous song about Richard Nixon having soul, was asked "Can you ever imagine saying George W. Bush has soul?" and Young replied, "I'm sure he does."   Of course, not everything these 1960s rockers and celebrities say is accurate or conservative or even coherent, but it is a little comforting to see that they are not blindly following the liberal playbook in every single instance, which is hard to say for much of today's top media. Read more ...

A sampling from the interview: "Do you think it's gloomy on the horizon," Editor Jann Wenner asks Bob Dylan.

"In what sense do you mean," says Dylan.

"Bob, come on," says Wenner.

"No, you come on. In what sense do you mean that?" Dylan says.

Wenner tries again: "We seem to be hell-bent on destruction. Do you worry about global warming?"

"Where's the global warming?" Dylan asks. "It's freezing here."