Bernie Backer Susan Sarandon Upset with ‘Disgusting’ Slight of Bernie at DNC

July 26th, 2016 4:59 PM

Radical-left actress/activist Susan Sarandon was probably feeling too much of a “Bern” at the DNC convention this past Monday.  The longtime Bernie Sanders supporter called out the Democratic National Committee for their “disgusting” conduct which was revealed this past weekend thanks to WikiLeaks posting thousands of DNC staff emails.

Speaking with fellow radicals on The Young Turks talk show, Sarandon left nothing unsaid when asked about the email leak: “That’s so disgusting…I think we have to really ask what’s happened to us in terms of what we’re willing to sacrifice to get our person in…What does this really say about us if all of this goes by unattended?”

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In a separate interview with the taxpayer-subsidized radicals at Pacifica Radio, Sarandon was quoted as saying she “wasn’t surprised,” and is happy everyone now “finally understands that this wasn't some kind of paranoia…” but added her disappointment:

"Of course there was disappointment, but I think it was really imperative for him to be able to speak and for his surrogates, and not only surrogates, but his delegates, to be able to go…”

Sarandon also said she understood why outsiders like Sanders and Trump became so popular: “A lot of people felt disenfranchised. A lot of people are working so hard and getting nowhere. A lot of people are sick with politics the way it is…Bernie and Trump spoke to those people...” and added, “"It's like the dark and the light ... so will some of those people go over to the dark side…I don't know, people are angry." 

Despite Sarandon’s fierce loyalty to the socialist senator, she still isn’t ruling out casting a vote for Clinton, but she wants to be....seduced?  “"I'm waiting for her to tell me what she's doing with TPP. I'm waiting for her to tell me where she's coming from fracking, you know?" she said. "I'm waiting to be seduced. I'm waiting to be convinced…I'm waiting to hear something that speaks to me ... I'm not buying [Clinton] until she offers me something."