‘Democracy’ in Action: Union Thugs Assault Right to Work Supporters

December 11th, 2012 3:41 PM

Union thugs across the nation are outraged that Michigan has become the latest state to pass a “right to work” law allowing people in unionized companies to choose whether or not they wish to join. Unions oppose such laws because they want people to be forced to join their ranks.

Earlier today the union supporters turned violent as they attacked supporters of the Michigan law, tearing down a tent while people were in it and punching conservative activist and comedian Steven Crowder in the face. Both acts were caught on video. Click past the jump to view them here since you won't see them in the so-called mainstream media. First the one of Crowder being punched in the face:


Here's the tent being taken down, an act of property assault:

Needless to say, if the clips above had been reversed with workers' rights supporters attacking union members, you would not be able to watch televsion without seeing the footage.