Clinton Criticizes Olbermann for 'Pimping' Petraeus Remark

MSNBC just can't catch a break.

After NewsBusters created a media firestorm by exposing reporter David Shuster for his remarks that Hillary Clinton was "pimping" out her daughter, the network is again finding itself in hot water as former president Bill Clinton condemned host Keith Olbermann for saying that President Bush had engaged in "pimping General David Petraeus."

Clinton condemned the comment during an interview with a Washington DC radio host (see Tim Graham's earlier post on rest of interview) in which he was asked about Olbermann's remark in the context of the Shuster kerfuffle.

"I wouldn't use disrespectful language referring to General Petraeus or anybody else," Clinton said.

When asked how the Bush White House should have responded to Olbermann's insult, Clinton said that they could rightly have taken offense at Olbermann:

"I think it would have been appropriate for him [Bush] to say that he strongly objected to that kind of language and that General Petraeus, whether you agree with his policies or not, has served this country with honor and should not be discussed in a disrespectful way."

Now that Clinton has denounced his remarks, will the Clinton-worshipping Olbermann come out an apologize on his own behalf the same way he did for Shuster?

Above: Enjoy the mashup of Clinton's remarks, Olbermann's abject apology for Shuster and his comments about Petraeus courtesy of our friends at Olbermann Watch.

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