'Hamilton' Creator Boosts Planned Parenthood on #GivingTuesday

November 29th, 2016 3:45 PM

On Tuesday, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda spotlighted abortion giant Planned Parenthood as part of the annual #GivingTuesday effort on Twitter. Miranda re-Tweeted a follower's post that sang the praises of his mother, Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda, for her service on the national board for the left-wing organization. The celebrity added, "Working on this...," and included the Giving Tuesday hashtag.

This wasn't the first time Miranda boasted about his mother's role with the largest abortion organization in the U.S. Back in September 2016, he Tweeted, "My mom's on the board of Planned Parenthood. Partners In Health is another favorite. I told y'all my Mom is the JAM."

Miranda's father, Luis A. Miranda, Jr., who helped manage Senate campaigns for Democrats Hilary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and Kisten Gillibrand, celebrated on Twitter in July 2016 when his wife joined Planned Parenthood's national board:

A pro-life Twitter user replied to the elder Miranda: "planned parenthood is not a good thing. It supports in the killings of unborn children. What if ur kids were abortd (sic)" The Democratic consultant retorted, "Planned Parenthood defends the rights of women 2 make decisions abt their bodies & provide health care to many."

The same month that Miranda's father announced his wife's service with Planned Parenthood, the liberal celebrity wondered whether Jesus's miracles were a hoax: "Oh I have so many questions for Jesus....I grew up Catholic. I just want to separate what really happened verse (sic.) what has grown up since....I want to ask him, 'All right, all right. So the bread and the fish and the wine. Did you have extra boxes in the back?' Like I have a question about all the miracles."