Lee Judge's Tasteless Chris Kyle Cartoon Is Only His Latest Smear Of Conservatism

Today, our friends at Twitchy reported that Lee Judge, a left-wing political cartoonist, illustrated a depraved caricature depicting the grave of ex-sniper, and Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle – with the caption “if only there had been a good guy around.”  This is wholly insensitive, and a craven attempt to smear an American hero who was tragically slain by a fellow veteran whom he was helping cope with PTSD. 

But this is hardly the first time Judge has inked a cartoon that transgresses the bounds of decency in service of a left-wing political argument. For example, when the NRA first proposed armed guards in schools back in December, Judge thought it was clever to suggest that Adam Lanza, the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook shooting, would have been the perfect candidate for such a job.  In another cartoon, the Kansas City Star cartoonist also insinuated that guns rights activists only care about their firearms, and not protecting children. 

Judge is a political hack, and it’s no surprise that he illustrates these doodles for the Kansas City Star, which is owned by the left-leaning McClatchy Newspapers, which recently smeared Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio as “anti-science” since he doesn’t think global warming is a high priority and believes that government actions taken with the aim of reversing it may do little to that effect while doing much to kill economic growth.

More McClatchy fodder can be found here, here, and here.








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