Here Are the Most Outrageously Liberal Quotes in Scripted Primetime Television: Part II

January 7th, 2017 12:10 PM

In my previous installment chronicling 2016's most outrageous instances of liberal bias in scripted primetime television, I talked about how some entertainment programming from the broadcast networks often featured some of the most in-your-face political lectures Hollywood puts out. 

We all know the entertainment industry leans to the left, but it seems like these days they don’t even try to hide that very fact anymore.

What you are about to see are some more of the worst examples of Hollywood screenwriters using their platforms to promote their political agenda. Unfortunately, a lecture is the last thing viewers want to hear coming from a television program that is supposed to let the viewer escape from their daily lives.

1. Pure Genius (CBS) – Diagnoisis: Islamophobia

In this medical drama, a patient named Dean (Nick Hardcastle) needs a kidney transplant when Ivy League-educated neurologist Dr. Scott Strauss (Ward Horton) gives him a dire diagnosis due to not wanting his donor to be an Egyptian Muslim.

Here’s the last case of media hysteria claiming Islamophobia:

Dr. Strauss: Good Morning, Dean. You ready for your big day?

Dean: Depends. Now’s your chance to tell me, Doc. Straight up, just between you and me. Who’s my donor?

Dr. Strauss: We’re still on this.

Dean: Yeah. Because I’ve seen some pretty suspicious-looking people in the hallway.

Dr. Strauss: You know what Dean, fine. Your donor is Azeem Habib, She’s Egyptian and she’s Muslim.

Dean: Then I’m out. I’m not doing this. I’m breaking the chain.

Dr. Strauss: It’s too late to break the chain. Your wife’s already in surgery. The only person who wouldn’t get a kidney is you.

Dean: You set me up doctor.

Dr. Strauss: No, I didn’t. I simply protected the other patients from your bigotry. So it’s up to you. You can either take that hatred that’s inside of you to your grave, or you can open up your heart a little.

2. Designated Survivor (ABC) – ‘Few Americans Could Pass Scrutiny’ Experienced by Syrian Refugees

This was especially disappointing as it had the potential to be one of the few television programs on ABC to not alienate flyover country. Much of these expectations were due to the presence of Keifer Sutherland, who is perhaps best-known for playing counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer in the long-running Fox series 24

In this scene, Sutherland’s character, President Tom Kirkman, invited some politicians to the White House meeting on what to do following a terrorist attack. It is then discovered that Florida Governor Rivera had accepted a plane with over 300 Syrian refugees. It is here that First Lady Alex lectured the audience:

Kirkman: You gave permission for a planeload of Syrian refugees to land in Florida, and now –

Rivera: That was before a Nassar sympathizer fired on the White House. Today I have protests across my state. 

Kirkman: You and I both know that the attack on the White House had absolutely nothing to do with the people on that plane. 

Alex: Those refugees are not extremists. In fact, they came here to escape them. 

Rivera: With all due respect, ma'am, how can you be so sure? I mean, do we really know who they are, whether or not they have links to terrorism? 

Alex: Not one of those passengers has been flagged by DHS. They've been checked and re-checked against multiple watch lists. You'd find very few U.S. Citizens who could pass that kind of scrutiny. 

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3. BrainDead (CBS) – Antonin Scalia Is ‘Insane’ for quoting 24

Speaking of 24, you may remember when the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia was a real fan of the show. Well, that gave CBS more fodder to mock him in the now-cancelled political sci-fi comedy, BrainDead:

Red: Who knows who might be the victim tomorrow of terrorists. Any of us. You, Luke. Your staff. 

Luke: Yes, and if we torture, all our enemies will use torture on our soldiers. 

Red: Look at Jack Bauer. What did he have to do to keep America safe? 

Luke: Jack Bauer? That's a fictional character. He's not real. 

Red: Justice Scalia used him as a legal argument. 

Luke: Yes, and it was insane then, just like it is insane now. 

Red: Justice Scalia should be honored by people like you, not disrespected. 

Luke: This debate is far too critical. It's a debate about our national security and our national identity. 

Red: Let-let’s just vote! 

Luke: No, I have more to say.

4. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – Having a Gun Puts You At Risk

Perhaps the most famous series from leftist television producer Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy went all-in on smearing anybody who supports the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. What’s even more disturbing about the episode was that Rhimes got some help making it, courtesy of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence:

Alex: So, his mom just had a gun laying around.

Owen: She said she had it locked up.

Amelia: The mom should be locked up.

Owen: Well, she might be. It could involuntary manslaughter if...

Alex: Don't even say it. It's not gonna happen.

Amelia: Do you own a gun?

Owen: No. No. No, I, uh, fix bullet holes. I don't make them.

Jo: I just mean you're in the Army. I imagine...

Owen: Well, you need one in the Army. You don't need one here. 

Amelia: Well, every day, someone's kid is in an O.R. With a gunshot wound. Every single day.

Alex: When are people gonna learn? It just makes things worse.

Amelia: And people always say they need one for protection. They don't.

Jo: Unless they do. I have a gun. 

Alex: Yeah, right.

Jo: I do. I've had one for a long time. 

Amelia: You have a gun.

Jo: Mm-hmm.

Amelia: Why?

Jo: Just like you said -- for protection

Owen: Have you used it?

Jo: No. I haven't needed to, thank God.

Amelia: Thank God you haven't had it used against you.

Alex: All right. Can we stop?

Alex: It's in the house?

Jo: What?

Alex: The gun. Where is it in the house?

Jo: It's in a safe place.

Alex: I didn't even know it was there. I want to know where it is.

Jo: It's in a box under the bed.

Alex: It's under our bed?!

Jo: That's where we'd need it.

Alex: I don't want a gun in my house.

Jo: It's my house, too. It makes me feel safer.

Alex: Does it?

Jo: Have you seen our neighborhood?

Alex: Because you're not safer. You're more likely to get hurt because of a freakin' gun around.

Jo: Alex.

Alex: I got shot once. You know that.

5. Timeless (NBC) – America Is a ‘Cancer’

This should not come as a surprise, as National Review magazine once pegged NBC as the unofficial propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. It is especially disappointing, as Timeless had a lot of potential thanks to its use of time travel. But the writers threw all of that away with what is perhaps the most outrageous trashing of America on a U.S.-made television series to date:

Wyatt: Hey, Flynn! Let's just say, if I believed you--big if-- and Rittenhouse really is that dangerous... 

Flynn: Yeah?

Wyatt: Well, there's got to be a way to take them out without destroying America. I mean, what you're doing-- it's kind of scorched Earth, don't you think? –

Flynn: No, Rittenhouse and America are so intertwined, sometimes it's hard to tell one from the other. They're a cancer. There's no other choice. To save the body, you have to attack the body. –

Wyatt: Well, then, that settles it. I guess you really are a creepy sociopath.