Networks Echo White House Spin That ObamaCare Won't Cut Jobs

On Tuesday evening, the networks played to the White House spin that ObamaCare won't cut jobs since those expected to move from full-time to part-time work would do so voluntarily.

"We got a report today about ObamaCare that was both surprising and widely misunderstood," CBS anchor Scott Pelley introduced the CBO report that estimates ObamaCare will trim about 2 million full-time jobs by 2017. Pelley cautioned that "Those aren't necessarily jobs being lost. They're also workers choosing to work less."

That boosted White House spokesman Jay Carney's spin that fewer full-time jobs is actually a good thing. Carney stated during Tuesday's press briefing:

"They're making a choice about their overall quality of life. And perhaps pursuing something, either a new entrepreneurial opportunity or a new job. And they're choosing to spend more time with their family."

ABC's Jonathan Karl even offered two examples to back up Carney's take:

"How's that? Consider two examples. First, those who can now afford to work less. Before the law, some had to stay on the job to keep their insurance. Now, you can qualify for subsidized health care without a full-time job. And again, others will actually find it's just not worth it to work full-time. Why? Because under ObamaCare, subsidized or free health care is only available to those with low or no income. Make more money, and you have to pay for more of your health care."

And Karl finished his report by offering more White House spin:

"The White House insists ultimately the health care law won't cost any jobs at all. As evidence, they point to the example of Massachusetts, where multiple studies showed the implementation of universal health care resulted in no significant job loss."

NBC's Brian Williams, meanwhile, softened the news for the White House:

"Another big headline today in Washington, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says this new health care law is going to cause more than two million Americans to reduce their work hours or leave the workforce altogether. But the White House is cautioning, for its part, that those departures are more a result of workers' flexibility to leave their jobs and still have health insurance."

Ed Henry at Fox News provided the vital context that the networks ignored: "Left unsaid by White House economic adviser Jason Furman, employees working half as many hours will have a smaller paycheck at a time the President says he's pushing policies to lift incomes."

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