Piers Morgan Applauds Legalization of Marijuana, Failure of Traditional Marriage Amendment

November 19th, 2012 1:13 PM

CNN's Piers Morgan gave a (left) thumb up Friday to states legalizing marijuana and opposing a traditional marriage amendment. He joined conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura in applauding the votes.

"Well, Jesse, I can only say I totally agree with you on both the drugs and the gay marriage issue," Morgan said after Ventura declared "hoorah for Colorado," "Hooray for Washington," and "hooray for the state of Minnesota." [Video below the break. Audio here.]

Morgan did, after all, want CNN to get "more provocative" and more opinionated, and his on-air cheerleading came after fellow CNN host Fareed Zakaria gushed over the votes as "a picture of America at its best."

[Video below.]



A transcript of the segment, which aired on Piers Morgan Tonight on November 16 at 9:53 p.m. EST, is as follows:

PIERS MORGAN: Where do you think he's been weak and where does he need to be stronger?

VENTURA: Well, I think he's been weak – my son was a huge Obama supporter until Obama ordered that American's death with the drone. And then he lost my son, because my son was so offended that a President could kill a United States citizen without a trial, without anything like that. And my belief is, Obama has to stop prosecuting whistle blowers the way he has. He needs to go to state rights.

And let me say this, hoorah for Colorado. Hooray for Washington, who took the first huge, substantial step in ending this idiotic War on Drugs. The people voted to legalize recreational marijuana, to treat it the same as alcohol. And that's going to create a dilemma for the federal government now. And this will be a good thing to see if the federal government will back off and allow states to have state's rights when it comes to things like drugs, marijuana, and a lot of the decision making.

MORGAN: Blimey, Jesse, you have ended on a slightly positive note.

VENTURA: I'm a positive person. What are you staggered about? I'm also very pleased – I'm very pleased because we have the gay rights issue in Minnesota, where they wanted to put on our Constitution that marriage was between a man and a woman alone, and it failed. And so hooray for the state of Minnesota for standing up and voting against discrimination.

MORGAN: Well, Jesse, I can only say I totally agree with you on both the drugs and the gay marriage issue. So we end on a surprising consensus. Good to talk to you again.