CNN Kisses Up to Jimmy Carter and His 'Lessons of Faith'

Former President Jimmy Carter has gotten some love from CNN recently, and he received another warm interview Sunday morning from correspondent Martin Savidge. CNN touted Carter's "lessons of faith" he offered in his new book.

Savidge hailed the book as "inspirational" and told Carter "It's very deep in your faith."Anchor Deborah Feyerick hyped that the former President is "no stranger to writing books" and noted that he's written over two dozen.

Savidge inquired about Carter's "Sunday school lessons" in the book that he offered during and after his presidency, and referred him to a particular instance when his life was in danger. "Did God save you?" he asked Carter.

"Do you think that as a society we've become too morally permissive?" Savidge asked later, teeing up the former Democratic President to preach against "prominent Christian entities" advocating military action against Iran, in an indirect reference to some Republican presidential candidates.

For a full transcript, click here.

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