Piers Morgan, Guest Comedian Lampoon GOP Field, 'Ship of Fools'

CNN host Piers Morgan joined comedian David Steinberg in mocking the Republican field on Monday night. On his prime time show, Morgan teed up Steinberg to rip the field as a "ship of fools."

On Tuesday morning, the anti-Republican abuse continued on CNN as Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah quipped that "There are people in the Taliban who would call Rick Santorum a radical conservative. I'm not even kidding."

While CNN anchors other than Morgan may not be ridiculing Republican candidates, they are certainly willing to host comedians and liberal columnists who are up to the task. During Tuesday morning's Newsroom, CNN host Kyra Phillips let liberal columnist L.Z. Granderson take his shots at the GOP field with nary a challenge.

On Monday's Piers Morgan Tonight, the host began by asking Steinberg, in reference to the GOP race, "do you thank God every day that these things happen?" "Yes," the comedian replied. "This is a gift from God to comedians, the likes of which we have never seen."

Later Morgan echoed his critical sentiment. "Almost everbody has huge comic potential, I think," he said of the GOP field.

The next morning during the 6 a.m. hour of CNN's Early Start, comedian Dean Obeidallah ripped Rick Santorum as a far-right loon whom the Taliban would deem "radical."

He slightly backtracked from that comment, but continued to slam Santorum's beliefs on gay marriage and abortion in cases of rape. "He's also against pornography, which I think is anti-American. Let's be honest," the Muslim comedian finished.

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