Soledad O'Brien Lauds 'Successful' Auto Bailout That Cost Taxpayers $14 Billion

According to CNN's Soledad O'Brien, the auto bailout led to a "pretty incredible resurgence" in the American auto industry. She grilled Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) on Thursday morning over candidate Mitt Romney's previous opposition to the bailout, saying that his opposition and the auto industry's eventual success could become a "huge, huge problem" for the candidate.

"[H]e was against the bailout, and the bailout looking back now, has been successful. Isn't that just standing on the wrong side at the end of the day?" O'Brien pressed Rogers, a special advisor to Romney's campaign. But O'Brien failed to report some of the specific consequences of the bailout, such as the cost to taxpayers.

The bailout's eventual cost to taxpayers was $14 billion. In addition, Rogers argued that taxpayers were quite skeptical of the Obama administration's restructuring of the companies.

"[Y]ou'll be surprised, Soledad, how many people even in Michigan were concerned at heavy hand of the government when they took over these automobile companies," Rogers expressed.

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