CNN Belief Blog Contributor Damns GOP Taking Political Pledges As 'Unbiblical' and 'Unchristian'

The CNN Belief Blog's latest hit-job on Republicans involved Boston University religion scholar Stephen Prothero pronouncing that Republican politicians taking conservative pledges is "unbiblical" and "unchristian." Republicans have made news recently for taking pledges that are anti-tax, pro-life, and opposing same-sex marriage.

According to Prothero, the Bible argues that the "recent orgy of oath taking" by Republicans entails that they "have literally made a pact with the devil." Of course, what passes for "biblical interpretation" these days on the CNN Belief Blog is more like an affirmation of liberal creeds.

The blog has selectively interpreted Christian beliefs before. One recent piece argued that the Bible does not authoritatively condemn gay marriage, while another piece scrutinized Christian conservatives for being fans of Ayn Rand. On the flip-side, the blog's questioning of pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage Christian Democrats is somewhat lacking.

Prothero begins by preaching that "Republicans like to present themselves as the party of God, Jesus, and the Bible, but their recent orgy of oath taking is, in my view, both unchristian and unbiblical."

After referencing a piece by liberal Gary Wills denouncing the strict ideology of Grover Norquist, Prothero embarks on his most bizarre claims yet, concluding that Jesus' Sermon on the Mount denounces oath taking. He quotes the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5 verses 33-37 to prove his point that the swearing of oaths is "unchristian."

Thus Republicans "have literally made a pact with the devil," Prothero argues in a sweeping indictment.

Prothero does also point the finger at American politicians throughout history who have taken oaths of office, but does so briefly and near the end of the piece. His argument is undoubtedly focused on Republicans in office today, and condescendingly hints that maybe Christian presidential hopefuls like Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Rick Santorum should read the Bible "a little more closely."

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