Scott Brown Rips Kathy Griffin for Smearing His Daughters as 'Prostitutes'

Scott Brown on Thursday slammed left-wing comedienne Kathy Griffin for mocking his daughters as "prostitutes," a joke that prompted laughter from CNN's Dana Bash.

On Wednesday, Newsbusters explained that the correspondent, along with anchor and husband John King, appeared on Griffin's Bravo television show.  The following day, Ben Smith of Politico, among others, reported that the senator's office responded with a scathing statement condemning Griffin's words.

"People can call me any name they want, but families are off limits," Sen. Brown stated. "I love my daughters Ayla and Arianna very much, and any parent would be proud to have them as children. Kathy Griffin and Bravo ought to be ashamed of themselves."

On "My Life on the D-List," which aired Tuesday night, Griffin was readying herself for a trip to Washington to whip up support for a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Her friends, CNN anchor John King and his wife Dana Bash, who is also a CNN congressional correspondent, appeared on the show to "coach" Griffin about how to operate inside Washington to promote her agenda.

While "quizzing" Griffin about notable Washington figures, the couple showed Griffin a picture of Sen. Scott Brown and asked her to identify the figure.

"Scott Brown," Griffin answered emphatically, "who is a senator from Massachusetts, and has two daughters that are prostitutes." John King grimaced while Dana Bash erupted in laughter.

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