Joe Scarborough: You Lie! Hamas Will 'Never Ever' Regain Power in Gaza, So Skip Rafah

March 18th, 2024 1:45 PM

Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough James Stavridis MSNBC Morning Joe 3-18-24 Joe Scarborough: not just a TV talking head anymore. Now, perhaps the world's greatest military strategist and oracle. 

On today's Morning Joe, "General" Joe repeatedly called it a "lie" that Israel needs to conduct a ground invasion of Rafah. Why?

"Because that's the lie right now that you hear. Oh, if they don't go in and kill another 10,000 civilians, Hamas is going to come back to power. It is a lie. Hamas will never regain power in Gaza, ever. That's over."

How many Israeli lives is Scarborough willing to bet on his prediction? 

In his interview with Dana Bash on CNN's State of the Union yesterday, Netanyahu said that about 1/4 of Hamas' battalions remain intact, and are located in Rafah. He asked: should the Allies not have invaded Berlin, since 3/4 of Hitler's battalions had been destroyed?

Why would Scarborough possibly think it's a good idea to let Hamas hold on to 1/4 of its power, festering there in Rafah, and slowly rebuilding itself?

Joe, since you have been endowed with an other-worldly ability to peer into the future, how about giving us Scarborough's Stone-Cold NCAA Bracket Locks?

This came after Scarborough ripped Netanyahu for failing to prevent the October 7 attack, just like the liberals tried to blame George W. Bush for being asleep at the switch on 9/11. Somehow that oracle Scarborough didn't see well enough into the future to see Hamas and its merciless slaughter. 

And talk about chutzpah! James Stavridis, MSNBC analyst and former NATO high muckety-muck, said that as a friend of Israel, "we need to tell them what they need to do next." 

I'm sure millions of Israelis would be happy to tell Stavridis--and the horse he rode in on--what they need to do!

Stavridis also called Schumer's speech calling for Israeli regime change "incredibly appropriate," and repeatedly mumured his agreement with Scarborough's assertion that Hamas will never regain power in Gaza.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:47 am EDT:

JAMES STAVRIDIS: As friends of Israel, we need to tell them what they need to do next. And it is not go in heavy in a massive ground campaign in Rafah. 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Well, and again, you know, they can try to turn friends into enemies. Benjamin Netanyahu supporters and right-wing extremists in the United States can try to turn Israel's lifelong friends into enemies. 

I mean, I'm a lifelong friend of Israel, I have been my entire life. I was in Congress. I have -- AIPAC would have me go give speeches to help the cause, and I did that through the years. And I have always supported Israel. 

But I don't support Benjamin Netanyahu's, um, um, um, um, reign to, to, to, to, in the midst of just the worst attack against Israel in their history. 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: He's turning the tide of international support. 

SCARBOROUGH: Well, he's, he's under -- you know, friends don't let friends drive drunk, as they say. And friends also don't let friends have a leader destroy the country's standing on the globe, in the shadow of the worst attack against Jews since the Holocaust!

And we're supposed to just stand by here as we watch somebody like Netanyahu, desperately clinging to power, when what he's doing is not in the best interest of Israel? 

MIKA: So many questions. 

SCARBOROUGH: And the lie that Hamas is ever going to reconstitute and run Gaza again, is a lie. And he knows that! 

And we, we, we, we're gonna get back to this in a second. Because we have Keir Simmons that we're going to go to Moscow. 

But I want to get back to this, because that's the lie right now that you hear. That, oh, if, if they don't go in and kill another 10,000 civilians, Hamas is going to come back to power.


SCARBOROUGH: It is a lie. Hamas will never regain power in Gaza, ever. That's over.