'Bipartisan' Scarborough Blames Trump For Release Of Illegals Who Beat NYC Cops

February 1st, 2024 9:18 AM

It was too good to be true -- and sure enough, it wasn't.

Joe Scarborough began a segment about illegal immigrants being released the day after they viciously beat two NYC cops by calling the outraged reaction a "bipartisan issue."

But when all was said and done, Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski couldn't resist turning the "bipartisan" issue into a highly partisan one, by blaming--you guessed it--Donald Trump.

The segment started out well, with Scarborough blasting the fact that:

"You have illegal immigrants in New York, who beat the hell out of cops. They get sent to jail. They get released the next day."

Bonus points to Scarborough for actually describing them as "illegal immigrants." The approved woke terminology of course being, "undocumented migrants," or simply, "migrants." As the woke crowd reminds us: there's no such thing as an illegal person -- so we must let the countless millions -- billions! -- of people who would like to enter the US do so without impediment!

Mike Barnicle described them as "illegal citizens"—though it's unclear whether that was an aspirational notion, or if poor Mike was simply confused.

Scarborough rejected the notion that it's racist to want such thugs locked up, and he mocked politicians who say otherwise. 

But then came the end of the segment, in which Scarborough claimed that there is, in fact, a "solution" to this problem, in the form of the highly-controversial "border security" bill, that wouldn't close the border until there are thousands of encounters in a single day.

Wailed Scarborough: "You've got House Republicans stopping it." 

Mika then interjected: "Because of Donald Trump."

Concluded Scarborough: "So we're going to keep seeing chaos like this because of Donald Trump."

So much for being bipartisan, Joe!

Note: Although Scarborough did condemn the release of the thugs, he didn't provide the details of just how that happened. Prepare for your blood to boil. From the New York Post [emphasis added]:

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office did not ask for bail for any of the five defendants who have been arrested so far. 

“Your Honor, we take violence against police officers very seriously,” Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Zachary Kotin insisted in court Wednesday evening. 

“The NYPD arrested four individuals involved in this incident over the weekend, and the defendant was the fifth person arrested in connection with this incident,” he said. 

Those individuals, who are between the ages of 19 and 24, were released without bail to allow us to continue to investigate, and we are similarly requesting he be released on his own recognizance… as this defendant has no criminal history,” Kotin told Judge Barbara Brown.

The thugs were released without bail to "allow [the DA's office] to continue to investigate??" 

Which scenario would facilitate investigation? Having the suspects in jail and subject to interrogation—or allowing them to roam free on the streets, potentially committing more crimes? What are the odds these thugs turn up for any future court dates?

Note: The "Manhattan DA" in question is Alvin Bragg -- the far-left, soft-on-crime guy who has charged Trump on a far-fetched felony theory in connection with the payment to Stormy Daniels.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:02 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I will say also, talk about a bipartisan issue, this is a crazy New York story, Mike Barnicle. You have illegal immigrants in New York, who beat the hell out of cops. They get sent to jail. They get released the next day.


SCARBOROUGH: The next day. And by the way, by the way, politicians say, "I don't understand. Why do people think crime is out of control? I don't understand." And you've got leaders in Washington going, "Well, you know, I don't think we can arrest people and incarcerate them. I don't think that's the way to safer streets."

All while they're, all while they're passing legislation that says, "steal what you want to steal up to $1,000.We're cool with it."

BARNICLE: You know, for people who are not familiar with what you're talking about here, there were two police officers over the weekend in Times Square, very busy Times Square, and they began trying to arrest someone who was disrupting the peace. And they were attacked by eight to ten, perhaps 12, other people, young men, migrants, illegal citizens, they're here illegally. They jumped all over the cops, kicked them, beat them. 

The cops managed, God bless the cops, they managed to arrest two or three.


BARNICLE: Hold on to them. Four of them. And yet --

SCARBOROUGH: Here's the security camera showing the assault of the police officers in New York.

BARNICLE: Times Square. And they were just bounced.

SCARBOROUGH: They, they go in, and, again, because somebody's idea of, of reform is letting people who beat the hell out of cops out of jail the next day --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Hmm, sounds --

SCARBOROUGH: There's, there's, I'm sorry, there's nothing racist about, you know, when people say, "Oh, it's racist to have this, to bail this, or bail that." 

Rev, you, you hear it. I hear it. You hear it wherever you go. There's no -- revolving doors aren't a solution! Letting somebody beat the hell out of a New Yorker one day, and be walking on the street the next? I mean, that's a recipe for chaos.

. . . 

And the biggest problem right now, Mika, is there is a solution. There is a solution. And the solution's waiting for Republicans to, to, to sign onto and to have it signed into law. It's called, by Republicans, the toughest border security law ever. And, and right now, you've got House Republicans stopping it. 

MIKA: Because of Donald Trump.

SCARBOROUGH: So we're going to keep seeing chaos like this because of Donald Trump.