Biden's Fine? Morning Joe Jumps On Alleged Labor Shortage To Push For More Immigration

November 27th, 2023 9:27 AM

Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinski Jonathan Lemire Katty Kay MSNBC Morning Joe 11-27-23 For the liberal media, any excuse is good to allow millions more immigrants to enter the country. The MSM and their Dem allies see every immigrant crossing the southern border as a potential voter for them. Biden's opened the border wide? That's fine! 

And so it was that on today's Morning Joe, the panel jumped on Katty Kay's anecdotal evidence of mom-and-pop retail stores and restaurants being unable to open in small-town Virginia because of a lack of workers to—you guessed it—make the case for more immigration.

Jonathan Lemire let the cat out of the bag, saying:

"We need more immigrants for economic reasons and all the rest."

And we know precisely what "all the rest" means for the left!

Lemire also condescendingly claimed that "reasonable people" on both sides of the aisle realize "we need more immigrants." As if there couldn't possibly be any reasonable objection to opening the borders! 

And Joe Scarborough had the chutzpah to say, "This is not a left/right issue." Riight. As if Dems have no ulterior motive in flooding the country with millions of immigrants that they see as "their" voters. 

Scarborough claimed that people who see themselves as champions of small business should favor more immigration. The other side of that coin is that champions of workers—something union man Joe Biden and the Democrats at large claim to be—must realize that flooding the labor market with millions of immigrants would depress wages for American workers!

Morning Joe jumping on anecdotal evidence of labor shortages for small business to argue for more immigration was sponsored in part by Purple Mattresses, WeatherTech, and Pfizer, maker of Arexvy.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:37 am ET

KATTY KAY: Just this weekend, I was out in Virginia where we spend three or four days, try to every week, and in the little town where we go, three of the restaurants are up for sale because they say that they can't get hourly labor. They can't get workers to work in the restaurants, and so, three of the restaurants are going to be up for sale, presumably are going to shut down. It's the kind of thing that you're talking about.

Now, whether that's the same as people not going to restaurants and just ordering takeout, or whether there is a labor shortage in the country, which there clearly is, which is another reason to look at the immigration question, what's happening at the border and we'll come up with some sort of agreement on that, it's not good. It's not good. You have a very small town which depends on tourism, and three of the restaurants go under. That's a problem.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: And Jonathan Lemire, people are going to look back, I think, even in a few years, and go, wait a second, let's get this straight: small business owners, family restaurants, like, family, you know, main street restaurants, hardware stores, bookstores had to close down because they didn't have enough workers.

And at the same time, you have immigrants that are literally risking their lives to get here so they can work in America. It really, there again, there is a solution to be had.

And this is not a left/right issue. This is a, again, if you are a champion of small businesses, of entrepreneurs, of family restaurants, of family small businesses on main streets that are being to shut down because they can't find enough workers. This, this seems to be an issue where Congress should come together and get things fixed.

JONATHAN LEMIRE: It would seem like a layup, yet nothing is, nothing's happening. And there's no sign anything will. It's become too convenient of a political cudgel to just rail against the system as opposed to doing anything to fix it. 

To your point and to Katty's, people from both sides of the aisle, reasonable people, realize this is a moment where we do need more immigrants for economic reasons and all the rest. Yet this isn't happening. At least, there's no sign it's going to happen anytime soon, as we're about to turn the calendar into an election year.