Hokey Morning Joe Airs Promo Faking Excitement at Hillary 'Running Again'

September 14th, 2023 8:37 PM

Hillary 'running again' promo MSNBC Morning Joe 9-14-23 You might think that Hillary Clinton would have learned from the endless mockery that Jeb Bush has endured over his 2016 "Jeb!" slogan. Faking non-existent excitement over a campaign is pathetic, and likely to induce ridicule. And yet... during Hillary's appearance on Thursday's Morning Joe, the show aired a promo based on the notion that "Hillary is running again!" 

We're treated to cameos of five young people reacting excitedly to the news. But -- spoiler alert! -- turns out Hillary was only "running" to make it to the Columbia University classroom where she was teaching a course on foreign policy decision-making.

As Forbes wrote in 2016, a "Big Part of Hillary Clinton's Defeat: She Alienated Millenial Voters." 

Given that she alienated young voters in 2016, the notion that, seven years later, young people would be excited at the news that "Hillary is running again" was absurd. That demographic would be more likely to respond with a yawn or a "Hillary who?"

Before the fake promo was aired, Hillary put her hypocrisy on display. She bemoaned "partisan sniping" by Republicans...but unleashed a barrage of anti-Republican sniping of her own. 

During her appearance, Hillary denounced Republicans as a "wrecking crew, snipers, whiners, naysayers," and purveyors of  "nonsense, misinformation, and outright falsehoods," and demanded that such Republicans be "sent to the back of the room."

Schoolmarm Hillary to the rescue!

Of course, Hillary learned all about "snipers" when she came under fire from them at that airport in Bosnia. Oh, wait

Morning Joe airing a hokey, fake promo about Hillary Clinton "running again" was sponsored in part by Constant Contact, and GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Nucala. 

Here's the transcript.

MSNBC's Morning Joe
8:31 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: So, in addition to her many titles, Hillary Clinton now has added another one. Professor. Take a look. [Promo airs.]



YOUNG PERSON ONE: It's Hillary Clinton. She's running!


YOUNG PERSON THREE: What? Hillary's running again?

YOUNG PERSON FOUR: I know. I heard. That's so crazy!

YOUNG PERSON FIVE: This is wild. [Big smile] She's running again!

Cut to clip of feet, presumably Hillary's, trotting down a corridor.


KEREN YARHI-MILO: Hillary, you're running again.

HILLARY: Well, I sure am, Keren. I just got here early for the new class we're teaching together on foreign policy decision-making.

MIKA: [Laughs uproariously] She is returning, running, by the way, [Hillary heard cackling off-screen] to the classroom, co-teaching a course at Columbia University's school of international and public affairs.

. . . 

HILLARY: Young people are smart. They want to see solutions, and they don't really understand why we're all paralyzed and partisan to the point of getting nothing done together. 

. . . 

When people say to me, well, he's old. Yeah, that's right. But look at what he's gotten done. 

And then, if that's not enough for you, look at the alternative. A wrecking crew. People, as Mitt Romney said, do not even believe in our Constitution. Who don't want to solve problems. Who only want to engage in meaningless, endless, partisan sniping and insulting.

. . . 

We just got to get the naysayers and the whiners and the snipers, you know, to just go to the back of the room because they're not helping at all.

. . . 

Try to continually push back on the nonsense and the misinformation and the outright falsehoods coming from the other side.