Nervous Morning Joe Tries to Laugh Off Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation

December 12th, 2022 2:42 PM

Care to hear the sound of nervous, forced, phony, laughter? Check out Joe Scarborough at the beginning of the video clip, which we've looped three times for your listening pleasure.

That was Scarborough, on today's Morning Joe, feigning laughter at Mike Barnicle's mention that Kevin McCarthy and the new Republican majority intend to subpoena 51 members of the intelligence community who signed a letter that falsely called the New York Post's Hunter Biden exposé "Russian disinformation."

As even the Washington Post and the New York Times were ultimately forced to admit after investigating, the Hunter Biden laptop was real, despite the best efforts of the Democrat-MSM complex to discredit and suppress it.

But that didn't stop Morning Joe from perpetuating the myth that there's no there, there. Mika Brzezinski broke out her violin, lamenting that Republicans are "going after Joe Biden's remaining son," and skeptically saying, "we've gone through this. Haven't we gone through this?"

Scarborough claimed "Every time they go down this path, and they want to investigate the investigators, they want to attack the FBI, they want to attack the CIA, they want to attack the intel community. It never pays off for them." So what Team Scarborough is doing now is just mocking the investigators, facts be damned. 

Democrat apparatchik Adrienne Elrod even claimed that Hunter Biden's laptop is a "frivolous" and "meritless" matter and claimed Biden's approval rating will go up because he's "delivering for the American people." Question for Adrienne: if the Hunter laptop matter is so "frivolous" and "meritless," why have your fellow Democrats brought in slime merchant David Brock to threaten members of the Republican committee investing the matter with dishing dirt on them? 

So, go ahead, liberal media. Keep trying to whistle past the graveyard of Hunter Biden's laptop. We'll see who's laughing when the investigations are done.

Note: Morning Joe's latest shtick would appear to be impugning the intelligence of Republicans. Last month, we caught Scarborough saying that Herschel Walker lacked the "capacity" to serve as a senator.

Today, Barnicle said "there seems to be a consensus that Kevin McCarthy is of limited ability." 

Mike Barnicle MSNBC Morning Joe 12-12-22A bold statement coming from Barnicle, a guy who lacked the "ability" to produce his own honest work, and resorted to lifting lines from others, and even fabricating stories. The Boston Globe eventually forced him to resign.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough's feigned laughter at a report that Republicans plan to subpoena former intelligence officials who signed a letter falsely claiming Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation was sponsored in part by GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Trelegy, Vision Works, and Abbott, maker of Skyrizi. 

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
7:11 am EDT

MIKE BARNICLE: You know, Joe, there seems to be a consensus that Kevin McCarthy is of limited ability. And he has made so many deals thus far, just listening to Brendan [Buck, an MSNBC analyst] reminded me of this. He's made so many deals thus far in the past three or four years in his pursuit of becoming Speaker, that he can no longer remember what deals he made. 

If you want to know the future of the Republican party as you were discussing, quite articulately, last hour, take a look at the cover of the New York Post this morning: "Eyes On The Spies." And it's the Republicans' intention, Kevin McCarthy's intention, to subpoena 51 former members of the American intelligence community to pursue the Hunter Biden story. So if you're out there --

JOE SCARBOROUGH: [Laughs uproariously] Oh my God! Oh my God!

BARNICLE: -- sitting at home, worried about your home heating oil bill, your grocery bill, the status of your kids in school --

SCARBOROUGH: They can't help themselves.

BARNICLE: -- forget about that, because we've got to get to the bottom of the Hunter Biden story. We're going to get Clapper and Brennan in, and find out why they lied.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Haven't we seen this before? They go after Joe Biden's remaining son. You know, people like Joe Biden. They, this is--we've gone through this. Haven't we go through this?

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH: As everybody knows [speaking facetiously], the New York Post is the official paper of Morning Joe. So, I won't ever speak ill of the New York Post. 

I will say, they got way ahead of themselves on Durham's hilariously bad investigation, just like the Wall Street Journal had some op-ed writers. Way. Every time they go down this path, and they want to investigate the investigators, they want to attack the FBI, they want to attack the CIA, they want to attack the intel community. It never pays off for them. 

. . . 

ADRIENNE ELROD: Americans are looking at what the Republicans are saying. They're saying our top priority is to investigate Hunter Biden's laptop. I think the more and more they try to get this, these frivolous matters out there, and say this is what we want to talk about, meritless matters for that matter, it's only going to make Biden's approval numbers go up. Because he is delivering for the American people, and that is what people signed up for in the 2022 midterms.