Mika Tries To Shut Down 'Roided-Out' Scarborough's Rant on GOP 'Losers'

December 8th, 2022 10:29 AM

After being out all week with a sinus infection, Joe Scarborough was back with a roided-out vengeance on today's Morning Joe.

His word of the day was "loser," which he used ad nauseam to rip Donald Trump and Republicans in general over their midterm losses, and what he sees as the GOP's complacent attitude toward losing.

We counted no fewer than 40 instances in the show's opening half-hour of Scarborough & Co. using variations on the L-word on Trump and Republicans.

Early in the segment, Scarborough twice claimed that Democrats are "praying" for Trump to be the Republican nominee in 2024, because he is such a "loser,"—worse than even Herbert Hoover, according to Joe.

At the end of the half-hour, Scarborough's rant became so unhinged that poor Mika repeatedly tried to shut him down. She explained to the viewers that Joe had been given a steroid for his infection. 

Scarborough embraced the notion, calling himself "roided-out" and suggesting that Republicans might want to get "roided-out," too, so they would awake from their complacency about losing.

Willie Geist chimed in to reveal that Mika had been whispering to him about Scarborough's [psych] "diagnosis." As you'll see from the screencap, poor Mika couldn't face it anymore, while Willie scratched his head in wonderment at Joe's meltdown.Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough Willie Geist MSNBC Morning Joe 12-8-22

Note: at one point during his rant, Scarborough mocked Republicans who are complacent about losing by using a whining, effeminate, voice to imitate them. A conservative employing the same voice could be accused of . . . homophobia.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough going on a "roided-out" rant about loser Republicans was sponsored in part by Liberty Mutual, Abbott, maker of Pedialyte, and Pfizer, maker of Centrum Silver.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:05 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: And the thing is, he just keeps losing. At this point again, Republicans have to understand, Democrats want this guy to win the nomination in '24. They're praying that this guy wins the Republican nomination in '24 because he is the biggest -- literally, he is the biggest loser in American political history. Worse than Herbert Hoover at this point, now.

. . . 

6:25 am

SCARBOROUGH: The question is, at what point, at what point do the rank-and-file Republicans get tired of losing all the time? 

I guess, I don't know, I mean, my mama always taught me to grow up hate losing. To hate it, to just loathe it.  To just -- uhh! -- I can't do it.  I am not confident enough to lose and be cool with that, right? Driven by self-hatred since 1963, baby, when it comes to winning and losing.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Wow! Let's do therapy.

SCARBOROUGH: So the question is, no! I don't want to do therapy. I want to win! Okay? 

So this is what I don't understand about Republicans, the same people they grew up their whole life, [adopts whining, effeminate voice] my kids, they get participation trophies. Oh! Nobody's a loser, the feminization of sports. Oh! 

Like these same people are now going, like, [in whining, effeminate voice] there's a war on masculinity, it's so bad. Oh! Oh! Ah!

And they still! [pounds the table] -- They don't care that they keep losing

MIKA: Yeah, okay.

SCARBOROUGH: How do you wake up in the morning and go, whoop, I lost again. And that's cool.

MIKA: I know, I know.

SCARBOROUGH: At least I got Donald Trump to follow on Truth Social [laughs]. Who thinks that way?!

MIKA: Okay. It's all right. 


MIKA: He got given a steroid for his sinus infection.

SCARBOROUGH: I need Reverend Al with the James Brown coat to wrap over me and carry me off the stage. 

MIKA: I brought it. Please! [sighs]

SCARBOROUGH: This is my tribe, Willie. They didn't used to be okay with losing.

MIKA: They lose a lot. Losers!

SCARBOROUGH: But now they lose all the time, and they're really cool with it.

MIKA: Okay. We got it.

WILLIE GEIST: I'm only laughing because while you're talking, Mika is whispering a diagnosis to me about what I'm seeing behind the scenes.

MIKA: He's been very sick. His ears have been on fire. Steroids, poor guy. But he's back!

SCARBOROUGH: I'm roided-out, baby, I'm roided-out.

MIKA: So roided-out. Believe me, I could tell, yesterday.

SCARBOROUGH: Maybe, maybe, maybe they should get roided-out. Again, I'm not cool with people being all right with losing.