CNN Poll Maven: Biden Looks Like A Loser For Congressional Dems

October 25th, 2022 8:13 AM

Don't take our word for it: listen to CNN polling maven Harry Enten! Joe Biden looks like a loser!

On Monday's New Day,  Enten analyzed the relationship between a president's approval rating and the results of his party in midterm House elections. 

Enten noted that when Presidents Trump, Obama, and Clinton had approval ratings below 50% at their midterms, their parties got clobbered, losing 40, 63, and 54 House seats, respectively. 

At 42%, Biden's approval rating is even lower than those of the previous presidents cited. The only president whose party gained seats at the midterms was George W. Bush in 2002, when he had a whopping 63% approval rating. 

Concluded Enten: "Joe Biden looks a lot more like the losers here than the sole winner." 

Who are we to disagree?John Berman Harry Enten CNN New Day 10-24-22

Note: Enten's bad news for Democrats didn't end there. Citing a CNN poll, he noted that whereas in June and July, only 51% of voters who disapproved of Biden planned to vote for Republicans for Congress, by September/October, that percentage had increased to 61%. 

On New Day, CNN polling maven Harry Enten noting historical trends in which the opposition party tends to make huge gains in midterm House seats when the president of the opposite party has an approval rating of under 50%, and that judging by that, Joe Biden, with an approval rating of 42%, "looks like the losers," was sponsored in best by Liberty Mutual, GoDaddy, AT&T, and Mercedes Benz.  

Here's the transcript.

New Day
7:04 am EDT

JOHN BERMAN: Joe Biden, the President of the United States, not helping Democrats right now?

HARRY ENTEN: No. So, basically, there's this whole idea, right? Can Democrats sort of outrun Joe Biden? And we want to first take a look at history here. And I think this gives you an understanding, right?

Look at the past presidents at the beginning of their terms, basically 42% for Biden looks a lot Trump. Obama was a little bit higher, Clinton was a little bit higher. George W. Bush way higher! 

But look at these gains that we would eventually see the opposition party make when the president's approval rating was below 50%. Forty seats for the opposition party. Opposition party 63. Opposition party 54. All when the president's approval rating was below 50%. The only time when the president's party gained was when the president's approval rating was well above 60.

Joe Biden looks like a lot more like the losers here than the sole winner.

BERMAN: And for Democrats who hope they can outrun Joe Biden's approval rating?

ENTEN: I'm not buying it, John. This is our own poll, right? Which is basically the choice for Congress among voters who disapprove of Biden's performance. 

If you look back in June and July, Republicans had a 51% lead. High. But look at where they were in September and October. That lead jumped to 61 points. So, the closer and we get to the midterm elections, seems those voters who disapprove of Biden are more much likely going to the Republican camp.

BERMAN: Harry Enten, thank you very much for explaining this.

ENTEN: I try my best.