'It's Not Christian': Mika Says Migrant Issue Might 'Backfire' on GOP

September 26th, 2022 5:21 PM

Wait: we thought liberals are horrified at the prospect that some Republicans want to declare the USA to be a Christian nation.

But on today's Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski said that the immigration issue might backfire on Republicans because their policies on immigration aren't popular: "It's not Christian. It's not right. It's inhumane."

So which is it, Mika: should American policies be guided by Christian principles, or not? 

Joe Scarborough accused Republicans of "overreaching" on issues in which they are in a strong position. Regarding immigration, Scarborough said that on the one hand, most Americans agree that people coming into the country need to do so legally, and that "Democrats have badly mishandled the southern border."

But he said that Ron DeSantis has overreached on the issue, repeatedly accusing the Florida governor on lying to immigrants he arranged to be flown to Martha's Vineyard. DeSantis has said the immigrants signed a waiver, that their information packet included a map of Martha's Vineyard, and that they knew they were going there.

Scarborough also perpetuated the Morning Joe technique of deceptively describing the immigrants' destination. Earlier this month, we noted Willie Geist saying that the immigrants had been dropped "on an island off the coast of Massachusetts."

As we said, "You'd have thought the migrants were being stranded on a barren rock in the ocean. Willie never mentioned that the island in question is Martha's Vineyard, the tony isle second in elitism only to Scarborough's favored island summering spot: Nantucket."

Scarborough pulled a similarly deceptive stunt this morning, describing DeSantis as sending the immigrants "to an island in the Northeast." Again summoning visions of a desolate rock, rather than the billionaires' playground that is Martha's Vineyard! Here's a photo of the simple shack that a certain former president, whose initials are Barack Obama, managed to buy on that desolate rock. Looks like plenty of room to house dozens of deserving immigrants. 

And Scarborough really put his foot in it in the way he accused Republicans of overreaching on the issue of abortion. He said that as a result of their harsh laws, "we see a 10-year old girl fleeing the state of Ohio to have an abortion because they were raped."

What Scarborough failed to disclose: the accused rapist in question is . . . an illegal immigrant.

Tell us again how Republicans are "overreaching" on immigration, Joe?

On Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski claiming that Republican policies on immigration are not Christian was sponsored in part by Subway, Jeep, and Amazon.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:11 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: We know that it's a tall order for Democrats to do extremely well in these midterms. We know that. historically, because of what happens in this type of midterm. 

But, there are two issues that are creeping into this that might even distract a person who is committed to Trump to the end, and that would be abortion, and maybe even this migrant issue. 

I think it might backfire. I think it might just cut most people the wrong way. It's not Christian. It's not right. It's inhumane. There are people who just will know that was wrong, and will feel something about it. And then the hispanic voters!

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I think what you're talking about, obviously, is where Ron Desantis takes people that have fled a Communist country.

MIKA: And other Republicans.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, but specifically, Ron Desantis gets people who have fled a Communist dictatorship. Lies to them. Sends them to an island in the Northeast, and apparently it seems, lies to them, have people lie to them to do it.

And this is another great example of Republicans overreaching. Everything they're doing, they're overreaching. You know what? Obviously, the Supreme Court is not making these calculations. But if the Supreme Court had just upheld the Mississippi case, which places the ban at 15 weeks, a majority of Americans would be with them. 

No. They go all the way, and now we see 10-year-old girls fleeing the state of Ohio to have an abortion because they were raped. 

And you have the most horrible scenarios being laid out. Women who are, you know, could die on the operating table if Republicans get their way in Texas. If the attorney general gets his way. 

So, same with immigration. Now, Democrats have badly mishandled the southern border over the past several years. Horribly! It's just, the issue doesn't seem to matter tp them at all. It matters to most Americans. Most Americans believe that if you come into America, you need to come in legally. That's where most Americans are. If that shocks you, you need to wake up, okay? You need to wake up.

They take that issue, which should be a huge win for them, and they overreach by taking people who are fleeing a Communist tyranny in Nicaragua, in Venezuela, coming up to the United States and then treating them like political pawns.