Ignoring The Babies, CNN Says Texas Abortion Ban Mainly 'Affects Low-Income Women'

September 1st, 2021 3:50 PM

You might have expected President Biden's speech of yesterday defending his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal to be CNN's lead story on this morning's New Day

But it's a mark of just how central to liberal dogma is the right to abortion that New Day instead chose to lead with the news that the Supreme Court has declined to suspend a Texas law prohibiting most abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. 

Amidst all the handwringing by hosts and panelists, this remark by substitute host Kaitlin Collins stood out. Speaking of the Texas law, Collins said:

"Obviously, who it would predominantly affect are lower-income women."   

Wrong. The law would "predominantly affect" countless unborn children who will now be permitted to live. But that, "obviously," doesn't occur to CNN. To the liberal media, unborn children are non-persons, disposable at will. They aren't even mentioned.

Other notable comments on the matter came first from CNN's Laura Jarrett, daughter of Valerie Jarrett,  President Obama's chief of staff for all eight years. Jarrett called the expected ruling on Roe v. Wade "the defining moment for our generation." This is another mark of abortion is central to the liberal's view of human rights. And what a sad "defining moment" for a generation.

Later, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin decried the "many outrageous things" about the Texas law. He then described the Supreme Court's declining to block the Texas law as "ending Roe v. Wade without actually performing the ceremony of burial."

How ghoulish of Toobin to view the end of Roe as a death to be mourned and honored with "the ceremony of a burial." The millions of unborn children who have died since Roe went into effect, and their right to be mourned with a ceremony, obviously never entered Toobin's mind.

The right to abortion is particularly dear to Toobin's heart. When the married Toobin impregnated his mistress, he offered to pay for an abortion. And when she decided against abortion, Toobin reportedly told her that "she was going to regret it, that she shouldn't expect any help from him." This should remind people that people often favor abortion for the most selfish reasons. 

Note: Berman's initial comments and Laura Jarrett's generational-moment chatter came from New Day's 6 am hour. Kaitlin Collins discussing who an abortion ruling would be "predominantly affecting" and Toobin lamenting that Roe v. Wade is not being given the "ceremony of a burial" came during New Day's 7 am hour, where the story was also the lead. 

CNN's breast-beating for abortion was sponsored in part by CasperWhole Foods, GilletteSandals, and Liberty Mutual.  

Here's the transcript.

New Day
6:00 am EDT

JOHN BERMAN: Roe v. Wade appears to be in serious jeopardy this morning. This is a huge development, that has the potential to affect millions of women all across the United States if it sparks a trend

The Texas law, which again is in effect as of now, tries to upend Roe versus Wade and years of Supreme Court precedent, protecting the right to choose and forbidding states from outlawing abortions before fetal liability.The new law bans most abortions after as early as six weeks of pregnancy, which is before most women even know that they're pregnant.

KAITLIN COLLINS: Yeah, that's why there's such a big concern. And this law went into effect just after midnight, after the Supreme Court chose not to respond to an emergency appeal to block its enforcement. It allows private citizens to bring civil suits against anyone who assists a pregnant person seeking an abortion in violation of the ban.

CNN's Laura Jarrett joins us now. And Laura, this is such a huge moment. Can you tell us what this means and what you believe is going to be the future of this and whether or not it's going to get blocked?

LAURA JARRETT: This could be the defining moment for our generation. This is the moment, in the battle over reproductive freedom, everyone knew was coming. It was just a matter of time.

. . . 

[7 am hour]

COLLINS: So this law is in effect for now because the Supreme Court didn't act on a request to block it. Through their inaction, though, the Justices have left the tightest abortion restriction since Roe vs. Wade to be enforced. And the landmark decision itself could now be in jeopardy. 

And obviously, who it would predominantly affect are lower-income women. And The Washington Post says 85 to 90 percent of people who get abortions in Texas are at least six weeks into pregnancy, because they don't know that they're pregnant that early on.

And the president of the Center for Reproductive Rights says, now patients will have to travel out of state in the middle of a pandemic to receive constitutionally guaranteed healthcare.

. . . 

BERMAN: How am I supposed to read this from the Supreme Court overnight?

JEFFREY TOOBIN: I think you are supposed to read it as doom is coming for Roe v. Wade. Now, completely separate from this Texas case, there is a Mississippi case, in the traditional manner of Supreme Court cases.

You know, one of the, frankly, many outrageous things about what's gone on in Texas here, is that the Supreme Court has acted in what's called the "shadow docket." There was no briefing--there was no formal briefing of this case. There was no oral argument of this case. Roe v. Wade is sort of thrown out of the back of the caboose without any sort of ceremony here. 

This decision has the effect of ending Roe v. Wade without actual performing the ceremony of burial.