MSNBC's Cross Deceptively Edits FL Sheriff on Anti-Riot Law, Mocks Him as 'Barney Fyfe Reject'

April 24th, 2021 3:29 PM

Looks like deceptive editing with a liberal slant isn't an NBC bug: it's a feature.

Two days after NewsBusters writer Nick Fondacaro made national news by catching NBC News having deceptively edited the 911 call in the police shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant, MSNBC's Cross Connection misled viewers by cutting out a portion of remarks from Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd explaining the difference between a peaceful protest and a riot.

You might think the network would be chastened, and careful about playing fast and loose with the facts in its editing after what we caught NBC doing. But nope!

Instead, Cross pulled the exact same stunt with Judd's coming during a signing ceremony for the state's new anti-rioting law. Of course, this deceptive edit was also a chance for leftists to show the rest of us how mortified they are at the popularity and political future of Governor Ron DeSantis (R).



Cross started the video after a commercial break with Judd pointing to a photo in his right hand, saying: "This is a riot. And this will get you locked up before quick in the State of Florida. Pay attention. We’ve got a new law, and we’re going to use it if you make us. ​​​​​"

After the using a jump cut to show Judd holding a photo of people at the beach, boating, and visiting Disney World as examples of acceptable behavior, Cross mocked the sheriff as a "Barney Fyfe reject."

But Cross didn't mention the photo that was in the sheriff's left hand, or play the video of what the sheriff had said regarding that photo. You can see it at 1:44 in the video contained in this article.

The other photo was of a demonstration, with a black woman prominently shown with a raised fist. The sheriff said:

"This is a peaceful protest. We encourage it. It's the foundation of our country. And we want people to peacefully protest."Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd MSNBC The Cross Connection 4-24-21

Damnable deception on Cross's part. NBC/MSNBC should be ashamed for having been caught out deceiving viewers twice in one week, but seeing as how owners Comcast still do things like give Joy Reid a show, it's safe to say they have no shame.

Two days after she went on The ReidOut to say DeSantis was bringing Jim Crow to Florida because he's scared of black people, 

MSNBC contributor Brittany Packnett Cunningham chuckled at Cross's Fyfe line before engaging in some serious deception of her own. Speaking of riots, she accused authorities of leaving "pallets of bricks that we saw conveniently laying out on the street to tempt people into property destruction."

That is false, as has actually been debunked by NBC itself: "Analysis by NBC News' Verification Unit found no evidence for such claims." 

The Associated Press has also branded as "false" rumors about police planting bricks.

Cross predictably didn't call out Cunningham on her slanderous lie. 

A few minutes later, the show ran a promo for MSNBC itself, boasting that "words matter," and "this is what we do. This is who we are." Yeah: words do matter. And often, it's the words that NBC/MSNBC leaves out of its reporting that matter the most!

MSNBC's Tiffany Cross deceptively editing the statement by a Florida sheriff about the state's new anti-rioting law was sponsored in part by USPS,  T-Mobile, and Chevrolet.

Here's the transcript.

MSNBC's The Cross Connection
10:16 am EDT

SHERIFF GRADY JUDD [holding up riot photos]: This is a riot. And this will get you locked up before quick in the State of Florida. Pay attention. We’ve got a new law, and we’re going to use it if you make us. [SCREEN WIPE] [Holds up photos of people at the beach, boating, and at Disney World] This is what we enjoy in Florida. This is the Florida we know and love.

TIFFANY CROSS: Yes, well, in the America we know all too well, despite that Barney Fyfe reject there, the ability to peacefully protest is under the same attack as our voting rights. This week, Trump acolyte Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a sweeping anti-riot law that toughens public disturbance penalties and even gives immunity to people who decide to drive their cars into protesters blocking a street.  But Florida man is not alone. And so, many have taken to the streets to protest police brutality. GOP lawmakers in 34 states have introduced 81 anti-protest bills this year alone. Joining me now to discuss is Nick Tilsen, president and CEO of the NDN Collective, and my friend Brittney Packnett Cunningham, MSNBC contributor and former member of President Obama's 21st-century policing taskforce. So happy to have you both here. Brittney, I want to start with you. Because you very well know that over 95 percent of Black Lives Matter protests were peaceful. So what are these laws really about?

BRITTNEY PACKNETT CUNNINGHAM: Well, first of all, I can’t get over you calling him a Barney Fyfe reject. I’m still stuck there. [CROSS LAUGHS] But Tiffany, we know what these laws are about. These laws are about ensuring that those who have been holding power and hoarding power for generations can maintain their power. So many of our most intractable injustices all come down to people wanting to make sure that nobody threatens their sense of power and ego that they lord over the rest of us. And what I find so interesting as this conversation has been going on in the social square is that people will say, "well, what’s the problem? As long as you don’t riot, you’ll be fine."  Well let’s go back to this summer, as you already did, Tiffany, let’s remember the videos of police dressed in all black smashing out windows and then trying to blame protesters. Let’s go back to the pallets of bricks that we saw conveniently laying out on the street to tempt people into property destruction. Let’s go back to the fact that the police can call anything a riot when they’re the ones writing the report.