CNN's Berman: GOP Reps Signing Onto Election Challenge Should Resign!

December 11th, 2020 9:53 PM

When it comes to the liberal media's criticism of the Trump team's challenges to the election, this is quite possibly the most absurd argument yet!

On CNN's New Day Friday morning, co-host John Berman claimed that Republican congressmen who have signed the amicus brief in the Texas lawsuit, and who represent districts in states whose results the suit is challenging, "have to resign or . . . not take the oath of office in January."



Berman's notion was that since they're arguing that the presidential election was fraudulent, then their own elections must also be "invalid." 

Berman's proposition was palpably preposterous for these reasons, among others:

  • The Republican congressmen might very well have won despite the fraud,
  • There are allegations that in many cases, fraudulent ballots were returned with only a vote in the presidential race: the fraudsters didn't bother to mess with the down-ballot races. 
  • Above all, the suit of course is not alleging that there was fraud IN FAVOR of Republicans!

Note: there's nothing the liberal media likes better than a Republican who joins with them in criticizing the GOP. And this same CNN segment gave a good illustration of that phenomenon. Berman's guest was Denver Riggleman, a Republican congressman from Virginia who's about to become an ex-congressman. One-term congressman Riggleman lost the Republican nomination for his seat in a strange convention in Lynchburg to local Lynchburg politician Bob Good. Democrats tried to win the seat with black doctor Cameron Webb, but were unsuccessful. 
John Berman Dave Riggleman CNN New Day 12-11-20

Riggleman is clearly reveling in the role of CNN renegade truth-teller. He agreed with Berman that the GOP congressmen signing onto the suit shouldn't take office. And he sententiously proclaimed: "COVID is real. Kraken is not."

Berman parroted that line. And while Riggleman is losing his congressional gig, he can be assured of many future cable-news appearances . . .  just so long as he continues to bash his fellow Republicans. 

Indeed, Berman closed the segment by telling Riggleman, "We appreciate you sharing your views with us. Please keep coming back." Given Riggleman's views, no doubt Berman was being sincere!

John Berman's absurd suggestion that Republican congressmen signing onto the Texas lawsuit challenging election results in four states was sponsored in part by Dell, Otezla, and AT&T.

Here's the transcript.

New Day
7:34 am ET

DAVE RIGGLEMAN: I think the Republican party this morning is desperate .  . I also believe that the Republican party is in fear. And I think it’s in fear of what’s going to happen to them if they don’t go along with the agenda that’s being set by the president right now. 

. . . 

Here’s what I want to tell people. COVID is real. The kraken is not. It’s that simple. 

. . . 

JOHN BERMAN: You know, there are 16 members who signed onto this letter who live in the four states that are being sued, basically. They are trying to overturn the election in the states that they live in. They are saying that the elections that they won are invalid. 

Don’t they have to resign or don’t they have to not take the oath of office in January? If the elections are so fraudulent, how can they continue to serve? 

DENVER RIGGLEMAN: I had this discussion with somebody and they said, well, it’s obvious, you know, that there’s some kind of issue, because, look, all of these Republicans won and President Trump lost. So there was obviously some kind of nefarious play going on here. 

And I said, actually, it’s the other way around. What you’re seeing right now is it’s almost impossible to conduct this type of systemic fraud by allowing, you know, the Republicans to gain so many seats in the House. To possibly keep the Senate, but just to concentrate on the president. And the manipulation of code, and what you have to do to do that is almost so improbable. 

And, yes! So, yes, I guess you would have to resign. And when I say that, it’s automatically like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Denver. I think you’re taking it too far. And I’m like, no, we're really not. 

. . . 

BERMAN: Congressman Denver Riggleman, we appreciate you coming on, sharing your views with us. Please keep coming back. We look forward to talking to you again. 

RIGGLEMAN: I really appreciate you all. And you know, just keep spitting facts. Do the best you can.

BERMAN: The best we can. COVID is real. The kraken is not.