CNN Doc: Trump Testing Joke 'Nearly Criminal,' and US Might NEVER Get Out of 1st Virus Wave

June 22nd, 2020 10:33 PM

When it comes to spinning things to its liberal liking, it looks like CNN landed the right guy in Dr. Sanjay Gupta as its chief medical correspondent. On Monday morning's New Day, Gupta spun the coronavirus in the most pessimistic way possible. Forget about the second wave, Gupta suggested --- the US might never emerge from the first wave!

Co-host John Berman turned to Trump's so-called "outrageous statement" about wanting to slow down testing. The White House said it came in jest, but Berman huffed "it was a pretty bad joke, with 120,000 dead from the coronavirus." (Forget the Cuomo brothers joking around about testing on CNN with giant Q-tips!) He asked the staff doctor to repeat his "visceral reaction." 

Dr. Gupta called it a "real travesty" and "nearly criminal." In addition to his medical gig, perhaps Gupta can do double duty as a legal analyst, too!



SANJAY GUPTA:  I don’t think we have the luxury of talking about a second wave right now. Because we have not gotten out of the first wave, and it’s not clear that we will get out of the first wave. Instead of actually having a true sort of ebb and flow, it might be just sort of micro and macro peaks for the foreseeable future.

JOHN BERMAN: Sanjay, I know you were watching Saturday night when the president said that he at one point asked his advisers to slow down on the testing. It’s an outrageous statement. The White House now says he was joking. It’s a pretty bad joke with 120,000 people dead from the coronavirus--you can see that on our screen right now. So I don’t know why he would think that was funny. It’s also wrong, right, that what what we’re seeing right now is an increase in positivity in testing in Florida, in Arizona, in some of these states. I know you had a pretty visceral reaction when you heard the president say that.

GUPTA: Yeah, it was, it felt like a real travesty, you know, nearly criminal. This is the one thing that could have changed, I think, one of the main things that could have changed our trajectory in all this.