Mika Brzezinski to Susan Collins—'Have Fun' with Your Legacy of Ukrainian Deaths

February 7th, 2020 1:25 PM

As they twist in agony over President Trump's acquittal and the Iowa fiasco, and panic at the prospect of Bernie Sanders as the Democrat nominee, the liberal media is in full-blown meltdown mode.

And so it was unsurprising that in their blind fury, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough lashed out on today's Morning Joe at the moderate Republican senators who voted to acquit President Trump. The particular target of their ire was Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. Not content to suggest that Collins was "unpatriotic," Brzezinski taunted Collins, telling her to "have fun" with her "legacy" of Ukrainian deaths.



Here was Brzezinski: 

"Some would argue it's a tiny bit unpatriotic, Susan Collins . . . Maybe even sort of leading to the deaths of Ukrainians . . . That’s your legacy . . . Have fun living with that—your legacy."

Mika also unsubtly accused Mitch McConnell of having been bribed by the Russians. She said that when it comes to determining whether what President Trump did regarding Ukraine was right, "Moscow Mitch . . . can’t see for all that money from Russia."

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
7:00 am ET

SUSAN COLLINS: I believe that the president has learned from this case . . . The president has been impeached. That’s a pretty big lesson.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: And we were treated unbelievably unfairly, and you have to understand, we first went through Russia, Russia, Russia. It was all bull [ bleep ].

FNC HOST MARTHA MACCALLUM: Why do you have that feeling he has changed? That he learned a lesson?

COLLINS: Well I may not be correct on that.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Yeah, you may not be correct. In fact, you’re completely incorrect, and —

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know it. That’s the thing. You know it. You, I, I --

MIKA: The president’s making a fool of every single Republican we just showed there, and they know it. You knew it when you were saying it. You knew it before you said it. You knew it during the time that you were saying it, and you know it now. But you did it anyway. And --

SCARBOROUGH: So let’s break it down. Let's just break that down. You knew it.

MIKA: Some would argue it's a tiny bit unpatriotic, Susan Collins. To really think the president might, you might be incorrect? The president maybe didn’t learn a lesson when he was shaking down a foreign leader for dirt on a political rival. Maybe even, sort of leading to the deaths of Ukrainians. Which I know some of Trump supporters really don't like it when I say that, but that’s the reality. That’s your legacy.

SCARBOROUGH: That's certainly what foreign diplomats have said. And so you can take the words of Trumpists, or foreign diplomats.

MIKA: Have fun living with that—your legacy.

SCARBOROUGH: And again, it’s not just Susan Collins. It’s Cory Gardner, it's --

MIKA: Lamar Alexander! 

SCARBOROUGH: It's Lamar Alexander. It's every other Republican, Willie, who know what the president did was wrong.

MIKA: Moscow Mitch.

SCARBOROUGH: Who know — Moscow Mitch wouldn’t even, wouldn’t even answer the question. What the president did, was it right?

MIKA: He can’t see for all that money from Russia.

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