Why Won't Scarborough Release Spiked Iowa Poll Results Showing Strong Sanders Lead?

February 3rd, 2020 1:25 PM

Joe Scarborough knows the results of the spiked Des Moines Register poll on the Iowa caucuses. And they apparently show Bernie Sanders with a big lead. 

So why is Scarborough refusing to disclose them? Yes, the newspaper decided to spike the results because it was concerned about a possible problem with its methodology. But that surely doesn't bind Scarborough. Aren't reporters supposed to report? Let Scarborough release the results, and let people decided for themselves how reliable they are. Scarborough can explain the possible problem with the polling to put the results in context.

So why are Joe and other MSM members suppressing the poll? Is this good journalism . . . or an effort by the liberal media to dampen Sanders' momentum, in favor of candidates they deem more likely to be able to defeat President Trump? 



On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough said "everybody knows" the results of the Des Moines Register poll. Without disclosing the results, he strongly implied that they show Sanders with a lead greater than the 7% he had over Joe Biden in the Emerson poll, the most recent one that has been released.

MSNBC's analyst John Heilemann reinforced Scarborough's take, pointing to the huge number of doors that Sanders supporters have knocked on, his momentum, and concluding that "it looks like [Sanders] is going to close the deal."

Note: compare and contrast the exquisite journalistic reluctance of Scarborough and others in the liberal media to release the Des Moine Register poll, with the MSM's rush to release the highly-questionable Steele dossier. 

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:08 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: John Heilemann, even though you haven't been out here as long as Jonathan Lemire, let's talk to you about those polls. The Des Moines Register poll didn’t come out. Obviously, everybody knows the results of those polls. Or a lot of people do, which we won’t say on the air. But, I've got to say, that Emerson poll [showing Sanders with 7% lead] a bit off. And if you’re looking for energy on the ground right now, you gave me a remarkable statistic about Bernie and his outreach here.

JOHN HEILEMANN: Half a million doors that they have knocked in the course of canvassing for this caucus. He was in a staff office, field office yesterday, his last kind of event of the caucus, the real one, other than the Super Bowl event, and he was thanking his volunteers, his super staffers, all these people who are really dedicated to Senator Sanders' cause. And he said they had knocked on half a million doors in the course of campaigning for this caucus. And that’s a lot, that's a lot of doors. It's not a very big state. If true, it will mean they knocked on twice as many doors as the number of people who will turn out to the caucuses tonight. So, there’s a lot of — I think if you look at all this polling we've had in the last month, there’s a couple places where there’s division over certain things.

The place where there’s unity, where there’s almost entire consensus, is the notion that Senator Sanders is the front-runner coming into today. That he has the energy, the momentum. He obviously came within a couple votes winning it in 2016. So he was in some sense, he should have been the front-runner here all along, and it looks like he’s going to close the deal.

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