Democrat Donny Deutsch Panicked at Prospect of Bernie Winning Nomination

January 27th, 2020 10:12 AM

Do you love the smell of Democrat panic in the morning? Then you're sure to dig Donny Deutsch on today's Morning Joe. Poor Donny was in hyper-hysteria mode at the prospect of Bernie Sanders winning the Dem nomination. He was reacting to a new poll showing Sanders with a stunning nine-point lead in Iowa, before heading to New Hampshire where he is also strong. Bernie beat Hillary by 22% last time around in the Granite State.

Deutsch repeatedly raised the specter of Sanders, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as his most prominent surrogate, being the "faces" that can't beat President Trump. Donny claimed that anyone who thinks Sanders can beat Trump is "smoking something."



At the end of his panicky rant, Deutsch wondered whether he had become an out-of-touch "grumpy, old, white man," asking if others agreed with his assessment of the race. Interestingly, Joe Scarborough surmised that Sanders could be well-positioned to appeal to blue-collar voters in Midwestern swing states. Really? Not when those voters learn that Sanders is a fanatical supporter of that ultimate job killer, the Green New Deal. 

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
7:15 am ET

WILLIE GEIST: When you have Bernie Sanders doing as well as he's doing, not just in Iowa, but also in New Hampshire, beyond the organization he has on the ground, but where the energy of the party is right now?

DONNY DEUTSCH: I'll tell you, the party better wake up. Because if they think the faces of the party that’s going beat Donald Trump is Bernie Sanders and AOC, they’re smoking something. I mean, let's just be realistic. Joe, I want to ask you a question. Do you think there is any — if this party thinks that the face of Bernie Sanders, alongside with him AOC, is going to come close to beating Donald Trump, they are coming from another planet. You know, we sit here very isolated, we look at these polls, we look at this. Am I missing something? Have I just become the grumpy, old white man and I'm missing what’s going on in this country? Because --

GEIST: Yes, yes.


DEUTSCH: Seriously. AOC and Bernie Sanders beating Donald Trump? Are we kidding?

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