Scarborough Warns Dems: 'Sucker's Deal' to Trade Hunter Biden-for-Bolton Trial Testimony

January 22nd, 2020 11:27 AM

Joe Scarborough has once again assumed his role as strategic advisor to the Democrats. On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough warned Democrats that it would be a "sucker's deal" for them to trade testimony by Hunter Biden for that of John Bolton at the impeachment trial. The Washington Post has reported that the Democrats are mulling such a deal. Scarborough predicted that once called, executive privilege would be invoked, Bolton wouldn't give any substantive testimony, and "Democrats would get absolutely nothing out of this."

But wait! Joe Biden has emphatically said, regarding Ukraine, "I did nothing wrong. My son did nothing wrong." If that's true, why wouldn't Biden and the Democrats welcome the opportunity for Hunter to testify, exonerate himself and dad, and once and for all silence Biden critics on the subject? You don't suppose there might be anything to the allegations against Hunter and Joe stemming from the wayward son's multi-million dollar deal with a Ukrainian company at a time VP Joe was taking the lead on Ukraine policy, do you?



Note: we wrote above of Scarborough having "once again" assumed his role as a Democrat adviser because as noted here, and here, among other occasions, Scarborough has of late been serving in the role of unpaid [we presume!] strategist for the Democrats.

Here's the transcript. 

Morning Joe
7:01 am ET

JONATHAN LEMIRE: [President Trump] has just said, by the way, he could live either way with witnesses, whether they are a part of the trial or not. That also brings up an interesting point: the Washington Post reported yesterday that Senate Democrats are considering making a deal, that they'd be willing to allow Hunter Biden to testify if they could get John Bolton back. Joe, I saw you weigh in on Twitter yesterday, suggesting that that was a deal you would not take.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: It’s a sucker’s deal. What’s going to happen is you'll have the — if the Democrats strike that deal, John Bolton will come to The Hill and when it’s time for him to testify, the White House will claim executive privilege, and John Bolton will say I can’t speak because of executive privilege. Yes, I can be here, but I really can’t go into any of these topics because they involve national security and would be setting a bad precedent. And the White House lawyers will agree with that. And so the Democrats will get absolutely nothing out of this.

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