Hypocrite Scarborough, Who Called Trump and Bush Dumb, Is Angry at GOP Slam of Pelosi

November 8th, 2019 10:04 AM

When it comes to insulting Donald Trump in crude terms, Joe Scarborough is the veritable Don Rickles of political pundits. You'll find below just some of Scarborough's ugly hits against the President. And just two days ago, Scarborough humiliated himself by repeatedly taunting Trump as "Donald," and "son," to the point that he embarrassed even wife Mika Brzezinski.

And so, Scarborough's faux-outrage rant on today's Morning Joe about a line Republican Senator John Kennedy used about Nancy Pelosi could go down as one of the most egregious examples of hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness in recorded television history. Scarborough took elaborate umbrage at Kennedy having said of Pelosi at a Trump rally, "it must suck to be that dumb." 



Scarborough's hypocritical outrage included this line: 

"So many people are willing to degrade themselves and sink to extraordinary levels that we would not allow our children to sink to."

Joe, we've got your degrading yourself and sinking to extraordinary levels right here.  In the past few years, Scarborough has:

  • Called President Trump a "thug" and a "goon."
  • Written that Trump "is not mentally equipped to continue watching our show."
  • Smeared Trump in one long breath as a "bumpkin, fool, idiot, stupid old blubbery man who doesn’t know what he’s doing; weakest leader on the planet;” suffering from "pre-dementia.” 
  • Called Trump a "jackass" and "plain out stupid."
  • Accused Trump of “malignant idiocy,” and transforming into a “tyrannical president.” 
  • Called Trump a "schmuck," a vulgar Yiddish term, and compared him to a kid "pooping his pants."

Note that Scarborough's insults of Republican presidents are not limited to the current White House occupant. Back in 2006, our Tim Graham caught Scarborough saying that when it came to being "stupid," President George W. Bush "is in a league by himself."

So please, Joe: spare us your bogus indignation. Could be time to take a good look in the mirror, and go to work removing that beam in your eye before decrying the speck in that of another.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:00 am ET

SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to impeach him. I don’t mean any disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb . . . I didn’t mean it as disrespectful. I didn’t mean it as disrespectful at all.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: It must suck to be that dumb. You did not mean that as being disrespectful. Because I can tell you this, if any of my children or any of your children had said such a thing, let’s say even in a student council race or in a high school forum. Can you imagine if one of his children came home or one of your children came home and the principal called you and said in the middle of the debate that a teenage boy had said to a teenage girl in front of everybody, it must suck to be that dumb. I’m pretty sure — I don’t know, I can’t say how Senator Kennedy raises his family, but I certainly know in most families that I’ve known, that teenage boy would probably get detention and have a lot of apologizing to do. 

So thank you, Senator Kennedy, for setting such a poor example not only for your constituents, the children of your constituents, but for constituents all over America and children all over America. It’s — it’s another example of how people are willing — so many people are willing to degrade themselves and sink to extraordinary levels that we would not allow our children to sink to, but doing it all for an audience of one. It’s depressing. 

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