Scarborough Taunts: 'Donald, Son'—You're to Blame for Bevin Loss in Kentucky

November 6th, 2019 8:13 AM

If this were an NFL game, Joe Scarborough would be penalized 15 yards for taunting.

On today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough went on a sneering rant, claiming President Trump's rally in Kentucky caused the incumbent Republican governor, Matt Bevin, to lose. (Bevin has not conceded.) Scarborough repeatedly demeaned the president as "Donald," at one point calling him, "son." And wanting to be sure that President Trump took the full brunt of his attack, Scarborough gestured to the camera: "Donald, c'mere: get a little closer" [see screencap].



Although Mika Brzezinski shared Scarborough's sentiment, she was manifestly embarrassed by Joe's ugly excess--witness her bowed head as Scarborough delivered his "Donald, c'mere" taunt.

Here's the transcript. 

Morning Joe
6:04 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Bevin: get this! [Imitating Trump defenders]: Oh, so unpopular, he's so -- This had nothing to do [with Trump.] Bevin was ahead by five percentage points in the polls before Donald Trump came to the state! Before Donald Trump came to the state -- Donald Trump cost him five-and-a-half, six percentage points by that one rally! ‌Think about it! Think! You're Donald Trump. You're waking up this morning, and you know, Donald. Donald!

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: [head bowed in embarrassment] Yeah.

SCARBOROUGH: Donald, c'mere: get a little closer to the --

MIKA: He likes to say he doesn't watch.

SCARBOROUGH: But he's watching.

MIKA: I know, okay.

SCARBOROUGH: Bevin was ahead, son. He was ahead. He was ahead by five points before you went to Kentucky. Look at this!

MIKA: You messed it all up.

SCARBOROUGH: Donald! Donald: look at that! I know you don't like reading, Donald. But look: Matt Bevin, (R). That stands for Republican. He had 52% before you went! And did that rally for him! And got those poor folks with that shirt that said, "read the transcript," when the piece of paper itself said, this is not a transcript. [Screaming] Donald, this is not working for you! Yo should just stay home, and watch like those cage fights, right? Right? Drink some Tang. The drink of the astronauts. And maybe have some Sanka coffee; stir it up. This is what happened after you showed up in Kentucky. Donald, my friend, you lost the state for Republicans!

Scarborough ignored the races below Bevin's where Republicans won, including the first black Attorney General of Kentucky.

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