Scarborough: Fight Fox News By Registering Your Friends, Driving Them to Vote Democrat

October 7th, 2019 10:45 AM

Joe Scarborough: he's not just another liberal talking head anymore. Now he's a bona fide Democrat electoral strategist, offering advice on how Dems can rack up a big win in 2020 and defeat President Trump.

On today's Morning Joe, Professor Eddie Glaude was beside himself. He told Joe "I don't know what to do," faced with people who listen to Fox News and buy into the "lies" of Republican politicians. Scarborough consoled/explained to Glaude that everyone should vote Democrat to protest all the hate, bigotry, and lies of Trump: 



EDDIE GLAUDE JR.: The thing that I’m trying to wrap my mind around, though, is that when you look at the folks who are watching Fox News, when you think about what I heard — what I’m hearing across the country. I was just in Texas and I was with some really exciting folks who were trying to flip the state house in Texas, down there in Auston. But I hear them running up against people who are actually saying the same things that we’re hearing from the mouths of Marco Rubio, from the mouth of Jim Jordan. So I think you’re right at a certain level of generality. But as we move into these particular places across the country, this stuff is effective. And then I don’t know how we engage at the level of trying to hold people accountable when our interlocutors are engaging us in bad faith, Joe. I don’t know what to do with a lie like this.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Do you know what you do? And I said it leading up to 2018. What you do is you register, you get your friends to register to vote, you drive them to the polling booth, you have an election, and you win so convincingly like the Democrats did in 2018, that it’s an indictment on all of the hate, all of the bigotry, all of the lies that Donald Trump promoted about caravans.

All of the lies that right-wing media promoted about caravans bringing leprosy to the United States of America? You remember that? We’re sending troops down to the border because there are immigrants coming up that are bringing leprosy and smallpox. We have more of a danger of freaks not immunizing their children bringing smallpox back to the United States than immigrants from Guatemala.


SCARBOROUGH: This is the real problem right now.

MIKA: Point taken.

SCARBOROUGH: But seriously, Mika, this is not working. It's not working for Donald Trump. It's not working for these Republicans. And you just wonder why they are so slow and thick to get it.

MIKA: They can read the numbers.

Scarborough wasn't exactly offering the most sophisticated electoral advice. It doesn't get more bread-and-butter than registering people and getting them to the polls. Still, good of Joe to show where his political heart is. Guess "conservative" Scarborough would really welcome the likes of Elizabeth Warren appointing multiple Supreme Court Justices.

Remember segments like this when you point and laugh at Rachel Maddow claiming "the people running MSNBC are not running a constant political campaign, they're just running a TV network."

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