MSNBC 'Republican' Jordan: 'Drunk Grandpa' Giuliani Needs to Be to Sent to 'Hospice'

September 20th, 2019 9:54 AM

Trump Derangement Syndrome reached its apotheosis on today's Morning Joe, as MSNBC "Republican" Elise Jordan literally called for a Trump adviser to be sent off to die. Commenting on Rudy Giuliani's conversation of yesterday with Chris Cuomo on CNN regarding possible contacts between the Trump administration and Ukraine, Jordan said:

"It's simply astounding to watch Drunk Grandpa last night, who just needs to be pulled off to hospice, if not . . . "

She couldn't say "rehab"? The laughter was intense. Donny Deutsch said "this end of the table is rocking over here." 

Joe Scarborough imitated a stately old Southern senator disassociating himself from the remarks.

Jordan was finishing her statement, saying, "if not," when someone cut in. It seemed Jordan was perhaps about to suggest something even more drastic than sending Giuliani to hospice. Pushing Rudy adrift on an ice floe, perhaps? 

Scarborough also "dehumanized" Trump defenders as "all of their little chihuahuas" saying these remarks aren't a big deal.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:10 am EDT

ELISE JORDAN: It is just simply astounding to watch Drunk Grandpa last night, who needs to be just pulled off to hospice, if not — [Laughter]

JOHN HEILEMANN: Wow. What the —

DONNY DEUTSCH: By the way, this end of the table is rocking over here.

JOE SCARBOROUGH [imitating voice of a stately old Southern senator]: One second. Give me one second. I speak for the gentleman from Upper West Side and Lower East Side, saying I disassociate myself, and they do as well, from the comments of our colleagues. Regular order, regular order, suh! --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Right there at the end, asking the question, but —

HEILEMANN: Mika, you talk about the bridge off in the distance and Mika going across it, this one just burned it down. She just torched the thing --

MIKA: -- jumped in the river.

JORDAN: I’m just saying what everyone saw.