Morning Joe: Mueller Is 'Good' vs. Trump 'Evil,' Warnings on 'Post-Mueller Depression'

Poor liberals. When the Mueller report came out, concluding that there was no Russian collusion, they collectively fell into "post-Mueller depression." Donny Deutsch and Mika Brzezinski acknowledged that on today's Morning Joe

Deutsch gave libs a "heads-up," telling them not to fall into that same dark pit of "post-Mueller depression" regarding Mueller's upcoming congressional testimony. Deutsch warned that the testimony will not change things dramatically.



But Mika, seeing things in Manichean terms, would apparently like Mueller to wear a white hat into the hearing room. She claimed that President Trump is afraid of Robert Mueller's testimony because Mueller represents nothing less than "good versus evil." 

But wait a second: if "good" Mueller concluded that Trump didn't collude, how "evil" can Trump be?

Here's the transcript:

MSNBC's Morning Joe

June 26, 2018

6:05 a.m. Eastern

DONNY DEUTSCH: I want to just kind of give everybody a, maybe a heads-up, not to be too disappointed but... I want to warn people to not again have this post-Mueller depression. When he gets up there, we hear the things we know he's going to say. Once again, it will be recorded for history. But I do not think it is going to dramatically change where we are.


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: To Donny's point, because I think Donny made a really good point about the sort of waiting for Mueller, and then post-Mueller depression . . . But what Bob Mueller—what's so frightening about him for Trump—is that he will visually represent good versus evil. He will visually send that branding out to America over the course of two days. And that scares Trump, even more than the truth. The truth's already out: it's come out of Trump's mouth. He is corrupt.   

Bonus Coverage: Morning Joe Vilifies Giuliani as 'Stupid, Grotesque, Pathetic Critter'

The Morning Joe panel also took the opportunity to vilify Rudy Giuliani in crude terms, calling him "stupid, grotesque, pathetic," and dismissing him as a "critter."  The panel was provoked by Giuliani having predicted that Mueller's testimony would, like his press conference, be "useless." Ironically, Giuliani's prediction was not that different from what Deutsch said in lowering liberals' expectations,  warning that the Mueller testimony would not dramatically change things.

Note: not satisfied with insulting Giuliani, Scarborough also ridiculed "stupid people" whom he predicted would tweet out Rudy's words.



Here's the transcript. 

MSNBC's Morning Joe

June 26, 2019

6:02 a.m. Eastern

BRZEZINSKI: President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani responded, stating, I think his testimony is going to be just like his press conference: totally useless, with him repeating I can’t make up my mind.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Donny Deutsch, again, it is hard to believe this man ever ran a city like New York, let alone the fact that many people like myself considered him to be a very effective mayor. It’s just a cynical, cynical, stupid thing for Rudy Giuliani to say . . . Here you have the president’s lawyers just being stupid, just lying. I’m sure there are a lot of stupid people that will pick that up and will tweet it . . . Just more embarrassment for Rudy Giuliani.

DONNY DEUTSCH: Just watch him degenerate into this pathetic circus figure: stupid, lying, grotesque in every way. Sold his soul to just be near the sun.

SCARBOROUGH: By the way, that’s a great word . . .  For him to then turn around and use the fact that he followed the law, followed the Constitution, to use that against him is grotesque, but go ahead, I'm sorry to interrupt.

DEUTSCH: And what people will do at a certain age to just be in the spotlight is sad. It’s actually, he’s pathetic, he’s taken on a pathetic tone. The one thing I will say moving off this critter Giuliani is, and I want to just kind of give everybody maybe a heads up not to be too disappointed, we will hear Mueller talk. And Joe, I agree with where you were last week where although Mueller is a war hero, and obviously has dedicated his life to service, there was is weird place he’s occupied, like I’m above it. No, we do need to hear him. But I do not think anything is dramatically going to change.

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