NY Times Reporter Maggie Haberman: 'Biden's Core Strength Is His Decency'

June 12th, 2019 4:02 PM

On CNN's New Day this morning, New York Times reporter and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman insisted "Joe Biden's core strength is his decency," and claimed that the Trump campaign is "having a very hard time figuring out how to attack that."

We'll leave on the table whether the Avenatti-Stormy Network has the credentials to talk about anyone's "decency." But Haberman's phrasing is strange. Trump doesn't have trouble "figuring out" how to attack anyone. Maybe liberal reporters think the punches won't land, but he's going to punch. Haberman's take perfectly matches the Democratic Party line, that anyone opposing Trump will be so dramatically less nasty.




MAGGIE HABERMAN: Biden is in the President's head: there is just no question about it, and you can see it every time he talks about Biden . . . Look, I think that the President is not exactly sure how to go after Joe Biden, because Joe Biden's core strength is his decency, right? That is his, basically his calling card. And they are having a very hard time figuring out how to attack that. 

Really? Shall we review the record when it comes to Biden's "decency?"

  • Biden uttered several lies about his academic record, including the claim that he finished in the top half of his law school class. In fact, Biden was 76th in a class of 85.
  • In closing remarks in a debate, Biden notoriously plagiarized British politician Neil Kinnock. Writing about it, the Washington Post said Biden [emphasis added] "ended his first presidential campaign amid questions about a value he’d worked hard to convince voters he had: authenticity." So Biden has questionable "authenticity," but "decency" is his "core strength?" Got it.
  • Just last week, Biden folded like a cheap suit when he was criticized from the left for his continuing support for the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of abortion. Biden had portrayed his support for the Hyde Amendment as being based on deeply-held religious beliefs. Even Richard Cohen, a liberal, pro-choice, WaPo columnist, reacting to the flip-flop, has written that "Joe Biden reeks of insincerity." 
  • Then, of course, there is Biden's history of creepily invading women's space. And even after being called out on it in April, and promising to be "more respectful of people's personal space," Biden still can't help himself. Just two weeks ago he placed his hands on a 10-year old girl, telling her "I’ll bet you’re as bright as you're good-looking."
  • Finally, there's the question of how Biden may have improperly used his position as Vice-President to further his son Hunter's financial dealings. Among other things, Peter Schweitzer has said that "Joe Biden and Hunter Biden went to China in December of 2013; 10 days after that trip Hunter Biden gets a billion-dollar deal with the Chinese government." Ironically, it is Haberman's own New York Times that has reported on how Biden may have used his influence to help Hunter in matters involving China, Ukraine, and Romania. 

I'm sure Biden appreciates having Haberman vouch for his decency. But Biden might be in trouble if his supposed decency is the best thing he has to offer. And somehow, contrary to Haberman's claim, I don't think the Trump campaign will have any trouble "figuring out how to attack" Biden on the matter.