Nasty Nicolle Wallace on Jared Kushner: 'Rot, Malignancy, Know-Nothing Nincompoop'

June 3rd, 2019 9:36 PM

There's plenty of competition for the title of MSNBC's nastiest liberal host. But let's award the dubious honor to Nicolle Wallace. Perhaps it's the passion of a convert to the liberal cause. But that would imply that Wallace was ever anything other than a liberal—even back in the day when she worked on John McCain's presidential campaign—and was doing her best to undermine Sarah Palin.

Day after day on her MSNBC show, Wallace, with angry pursed lips, spews venom at all things Trump. Her target this afternoon was Jared Kushner. Reacting to his recent interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios, Wallace vilified Jared as "rot, malignancy," and a "know-nothing nincompoop." For good measure, Wallace included Ivanka with those first two epithets.

NICOLLE WALLACE: It would seem to me if there's rot in this White House, the malignancy is Jared and Ivanka . . . The politics of this, in terms of revealing [Jared] as a know-nothing, nincompoop, I mean, it's all been stripped away. 

Wallace suggested to New York Times media reporter Jim Rutenberg that Kushner's interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios was like Katie Couric's 2008 hardball interview with Sarah Palin -- which apparently revealed Palin as a know-nothing nincompoop. There was no one on set to say "That's a fascinating comparison, Nicolle, because who set up Palin's disastrous interview with Katie Couric? Oh, that was you!" 

She repeatedly ripped into Kushner. He was a "weak human and an enabler" of Trump on birtherism, and full of "incompetence and hubris," even as his enemies inside the White House are no longer there. He's "failed every time he went up to Capitol Hill to fix something for his father in law, the government shutdown, a spectacular calamity, politically and policy-wise." 

Note: As of March of this year, Wallace was describing herself as a "non-practicing Republican," but one who is still "not embarrassed to share a political party with John McCain or the 41st president or 43rd president." Really? If Republicans were somehow to nominate someone with politics precisely identical to those of John McCain, do you think Wallace would support him against whomever the Democrats put up? I'm skeptical.