For Bitter Joe Scarborough, Barr Has Become Trump's 'Own Roy Cohn'

March 29th, 2019 10:21 AM

The Mueller report is literally driving liberals crazy. Just last month, William Barr basked in bipartisan praise from Republicans and Democrats alike. 

But now that the Mueller report has been so devastating to liberal hopes, the MSM has turned on Barr with a vengeance. On today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough said: 

"[Republicans] have overreached. They've tried to defend the indefensible. They are hiding behind Donald Trump's own Roy Cohn, William Barr. Yeah, I said it. Donald Trump's own Roy Cohn."



In liberal-speak, Roy Cohn is a synonym for "someone we really hate." After all, he committed the egregious sin of successfully prosecuting the Rosenbergs, communist spies who worked to divulge America's nuclear secrets to the Soviets at the height of the Cold War.

Scarborough's comments came after the show played a clip of Adam Schiff gaveling down [and seemingly turning off the microphone of] Rep. Mike Turner, a Republican member of the Intelligence Committee.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:15 am EDT

MIKE TURNER: Will the gentleman yield? Will the gentleman yield? Will the gentleman yield?

ADAM SCHIFF: Mr. Ambassador, you are recognized for your opening statement I will not yield.

TURNER: Will the gentleman yield because you just said some things about all of us that I think we all should get the opportunity to respond to. If you're going to say "we" think, you ought to allow us to speak of what we think.

SCHIFF: You can use your five minutes to speak. You attacked me in your opening statement and I've responded.

TURNER: I have not had an opportunity to respond at all, especially to your statements of what "we" think. Because no one over here thinks that. No one over here — you cannot speak for us.

SCHIFF: Mr. Turner, you’re not recognized. Ambassador McFaul, you are recognized.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, my God, that was amazing.

SCARBOROUGH: Let me tell you something. Susan Del Percio, that’s just what we were saying before. They’ve overreached, they are trying to defend the indefensible. They are hiding behind Donald Trump’s own Roy Cohn, William Barr — yeah, I said it, Donald Trump’s own Roy Cohn, who squeezes together a couple of sentence fragments and puts it in the letter while trying to keep from the American people the Mueller report.