Chuck Todd Gushes Over ‘Smart,’ ‘Impressive’ Ocasio-Cortez

February 8th, 2019 10:02 AM

Not to gratuitously insult Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but she has to be one of the most, um, lightly-informed pols to wander onto the national stage in a long time. But that doesn't stop Chuck Todd from lavishing praise on her.

Discussing his just-concluded interview with Ocasio-Cortez with fellow MSNBC host Ari Melber, Todd found reason to variously describe her as thoughtful, refreshing, impressive and smart. 



The exchange came this evening as Todd handed off his show to Melber. Todd began by praising Ocasio-Cortez for having thought out her reply to his question as to whether it was possible to be a democratic-socialist and a capitalist [she thinks it is possible.] The praise didn't stop there.

CHUCK TODD: What was refreshing is a politician — She could have given a very talking point-y answer, but it’s clear she’s thought about this. She could have easily said, “Look, everyone wants to do name calling” and tried to avoid it. I give her credit for not avoiding it. She believes in it. And the one thing I took away from the entire interview is, look, she isn’t going to be easily placated. I think there’s no doubt she may learn the hard way of the ways of Washington. But she isn’t going to be easily persuaded to go along and get along. And I look at it and say there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how you get things done in Capitol Hill in the long run. She has an interesting long term — for someone that is always portrayed as being impatient, I actually think she has an impressive long view of what she thinks her role is now. I found it smart that she used the Green New Deal as an organizing tool. She’s not saying they are passing legislation tomorrow. 


TODD: Which is a way of setting expectations more realistically. 


TODD: And what’s clear to me is she is going to have an impact on this presidential primary campaign in the presidential race. Now, what that is up to her in many ways. She can have as much power — she can have a lot of power if she chooses to use it. I don’t think she’s decided yet. But the fact that she’s already got them all trying to get on her Green New Deal tells you they care what she thinks. 

MELBER: Right. They want to be on the green side, the good side. It’s an AOC primary, at least a pre-primary. Very interesting interview. Chuck, thanks. 

When it comes to Dem 2020 hopefuls hoping for Ocasio-Cortez's support, Melber said: "it's an AOC primary." Looks like it's also an Ocasio-Cortez primary when it comes to liberal media types vying for her approval . . . and hoping for future interviews.

Note: So Ocasio-Cortez thinks it's possible to be a dem-socialist and a capitalist. I suppose she also thinks it's possible to simultaneously be a Yankees and Red Sox fan.