Scarborough Skeptical on Swetnick: 'Who Would Keep Going' to Gang-Rape Parties?'

September 27th, 2018 7:24 AM

What's gotten into Joe Scarborough? A modicum of fairness, we're tempted to say. Last week, Joe expressed surprising support for Republicans moving ahead on a Kavanaugh vote. This week, he said liberal media members accusing Kavanaugh of rape should have a (D) before their names.

And now today, Joe expressed real skepticism about the claims of Julie Swetnick, the Michael Avenatti client. 

SCARBOROUGH: Somebody saying that she went to multiple high school parties where -- 

WILLIE GEIST: -- more than ten -- 

JOE: -- which were basically gang-rape factories. Which of course begs the question: Who would continually go to high school parties where women were being gang-raped--and first of all keep going to those parties--and secondly, not report that to some authorities, and third, not have somebody at all of those parties going, "Hey Mom, Dad, girls are getting gang-raped at this party?" 

With some prompting from Mika Brzezinski, Joe went on to say that's why there should be an FBI investigation.

But let's give Scarborough credit for acknowledging the undeniable absurdity of Swetnick's claims.