Scarborough: 'I'll Never Vote' for Trump If Muslim Ban Maintained

Of everyone in the MSM, Joe Scarborough has been widely seen as the most ardent Trump supporter--starting from the day Donald descended that escalator with Melania. Scarborough would argue he was merely offering dispassionate political analysis--saying that Trump's chances should be taken seriously while others were disdainfully dismissing him. But for those of us who watched Joe day in and day out during the primary season, there seemed to be something much more than green-eyeshade analysis going on. Scarborough revelled in every poll and primary result favorable to Trump.

Which makes Scarborough's statement on today's Morning Joe so strange. Joe first expressed disappointment that yesterday, Trump "stuck by the Muslim ban." Scarborough then proclaimed "I'm never going to vote for a guy that is saying he is going to ban somebody just because of the God they worship." Note to Joe: from the beginning, Trump has said the ban would remain in place only until we can "figure out what is going on." Trump is not proposing to ban Muslims because they worship Allah, but because virtually all of the mass terrorists attacks in Europe and the US have been carried out by Muslims. As the San Bernadino slaughter demonstrated, US authorities manifestly have not "figured out" what's going on, since the Muslim murderers were supposedly screened and entered our country legally.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: If he goes into August with these numbers, I will say in August, right here on set, he's going to lose big time. The window, while we have six months, he's got about a two-month window to start turning this stuff around quickly or he will lose. So if they want to win, they better be all hands on deck right now. This is not going to be a slow turn. And I got to say, I was surprised and disappointed, Willie, that yesterday he stuck by the Muslim ban. 


JOE: That's a loser, it's a loser with the majority of Americans. And you've got Republicans like me. I'm not going to vote for a guy -- 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I thought he kept saying "we've got to do something."

JOE: I'm not going to vote -- 

MIKA: I don't think he stuck by it.

JOE: Okay, well that's what he's got to do. He's got to make the turn and say okay, this is a system we can put in place where we can get Muslims -- allow Muslims to come into America, maybe not from Syria if they don't have the proper -- but he's got to start making turns like that. Cause I can tell you, I'm not -- I'm never going to vote for a guy that is saying he is going to ban somebody just because of the God they worship. 



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