GMA Goes Gaga Over Little Prince George, Ignores Obama Trade Threat to UK

Gag me with a steak and kidney pie . . . It's the most blatant example of the MSM glossing over an Obama controversy in favor of featuring a feel-good story that this NewsBuster can remember. Today's Good Morning America went gaga over Britain's little Prince George, with no fewer than four teases followed by a lengthy segment devoted to how much President Obama enjoyed the company of the tyke on his current visit to the UK. Lots of cute pictures and even a clip of Obama claiming "nothing was going to stop me from . . . meeting George, who was adorable." Awww.  

But incredibly, at least in the first half-hour, not a word was breathed of Obama's ugly threat to the UK, in which he told Britons they would have to go "to the back of the queue" for a trade deal should they vote to exit the European Union in a referendum set for June. Obama thus stuck his nose into the internal affairs of an ally. In the closing comments in which the crew cooed over how royal little George was, Paula Faris actually claimed to co-host Tom Llamas that the segment "really moved you." Yuck.

Note: given the iconic notion of Rosa Parks being sent "to the back of the bus," it was particularly jarring to hear President Obama threatening to send the UK "to the back of" the queue.

PAULA FARIS: And the prince and the president! The adorable photos, young George greeting the leader of the free world in his jammies! And upstaging his proud parents. We're live at Kensington Palace. Prince George upstaged all the adults. The priceless moment coming up.

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TOM LLAMAS: Plus adorable royal Prince George meets President Obama, upstaging all the adults. The priceless moment coming up.

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FARIS: Also coming up, look who stayed up past his bedtime. Prince George showing off his good manners and shaking hands with President Obama. We'll have more on the dinner at Kensington Palace coming up. But if you're going to let your kids break their bedtime rules I'd say it's okay for the president. 

LLAMAS: And I want to really break down that photo as a parent. Because he was dressed so perfectly. He's so young. 

FARIS: In a robe you get from housekeeping almost and his little slippers. Adorable. 

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LLAMAS: Welcome back. We've been showing you this priceless photo of Prince George shaking hands with President Obama at Kensington Palace. 

FARIS: I just can't get enough of the litle terrycloth robe. It's adorable. Just a small part of a very big evening as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Harry welcomed the Obamas for dinner. Lots of good cheer all around and ABC's Terry Moran joins us from London with more. Hi, Terry. 

TERRY MORAN: Good morning, guys. You know, the Obamas are having a ball on this trip. Yes, it's a presidential visit. There are serious issues being discussed here. But this is also really a farewell visit by the Obamas to America's closest ally, especially the royal family. Overnight they are the photos everyone is talking about. That moment with little Prince George, President Obama still buzzing about it this morning

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Nothing was going to stop me from wishing happy birthday to Her Majesty. And meeting George. Who was adorable. 

MORAN: At Kensington Palace on Friday as the Obamas were welcomed by Prince William and Kate the Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Harry, the little prince was there too, peeking out at the cameras. George was up past his bedtime and he joined the grownups during their cocktails, looking dapper in jammies, black slippers and a monogrammed white robe. The little prince was also spotted playing on a rocking horse given to him by the President and First Lady as a gift when he was born. 

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FARIS: All right. Terry, thank you. Tom, this really moved you, didn't it? 

LLAMAS: It did because the little prince, it's so funny, he's dressed so well and he's such a little guy with the robe, the slippers and the pajamas, he's got to be well-behaved. Because little kids would like tear all those clothes off. 

FARIS: We're thinking about our kids, not -- 

LLAMAS: Yeah. 

FARIS: And then he was able to sit in on that meeting with all of them as well. 

LLAMAS: And had his thumb tucked in like right here. It's like, so royal.

FARIS: Are we bad parents that our children would not -- 

REPORTER: We're just not royalty, clearly. 

FARIS: Good point. 

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