On Nancy Reagan's Funeral Day, Al Hunt Stresses She Was 'Not a Good Mother'

March 11th, 2016 6:19 PM

Has Al Hunt ever heard of de mortuis nil nisi bonum? Apparently not. On the day she was laid to rest, Hunt found it necessary to repeatedly assert that Nancy Reagan "was not a good mother."

Interviewed by John Heilemann on today's With All Due Respect, here was Hunt: "she was a formidable person. Sometimes unpleasant, not a great mother, but she loved her Ronnie and had great political instincts . . . She was not a good mother. I think actually Patti Davis, as moving as she was today, if you really listened to it, all was clear: she was not a good mother. She was devoted to Ronald Reagan, and anything that got in the way was a distraction."

If Hunt wants to write Nancy Reagan's biography, or perhaps a reflective article, have at it. But on the day of her funeral, was this necessary or decent?