Dem Guest to O'Reilly: Gun Registration Would Stop 'Majority' of Mass Shootings

Looking for some comic relief after President Obama's teary announcement of new executive orders on gun control, and Chris Matthews' fawning interview of Hillary Clinton? You've come to the right place.

On this evening's O'Reilly Factor, Dem strategist Nomiki Konst claimed that forcing law-abiding Americans to register their guns would stop the "majority" of mass shootings. You're killing me, Nomiki—you should excuse the expression.

O'Reilly had to explain the cold, hard facts to the benighted Nomiki: "No, Nomiki. Just walk into the wrong neighborhood, flash some cash, and you'll get it."

Note: Konst sought the Dem nomination for Gabby Giffords' congressional seat, but withdrew from the race before the primary.

BILL O'REILLY: You guys have to understand that law-abiding people registering their guns is not going to stop Charleston, or Connecticut or terrorism.

DAVID GOODFRIEND: It can decrease --

O'REILLY: The only thing that will stop it --

NOMIKI KONST: But it will stop the majority of them, though. We have one mass shooting --

O'REILLY: No it won't. No, Nomiki, you're living in a world of your own. 300 million guns on the street, Nomiki. You can get a gun. Just walk into the wrong neighborhood, flash some cash, and you'll get it.


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