'Someone's Got To Wear the Pants In This Family': Kia Commercial Mocks American Husband

December 13th, 2015 9:14 PM

What's been implicit in TV commercials for years—that American husbands are feckless wimps—has now become explicit . . . 

Tuning in to watch a simple Sunday Night Football game, we were treated to a Kia ad. Wife at the wheel as the family pulls into a crowded parking lot for their boy's football game. Wimpy husband suggests they go back and park someplace safe. We get to read the wife's mind as, driving it up a hill, she says "or, we could run it right up the gut." She then adds the coup de grace: "someone's got to wear the pants in this family." Take that!

View the commercial here.

Paging Camille Paglia to provide her psychosexual analysis!

WIMPY HUSBAND: We should park back there, babe.

STRONG WIFE: [unspoken thoughts] Great idea: hadn't thought of that. Let's just park back in our driveway. Or-r-r-r-, we could—I don't know—run it right up the gut [as she drives from the paved parking lot up an adjoining hill.] Someone's got to wear the pants in this family. Yoga pants are pants.