Bernie Sanders Digs Noam Chomsky, MSM Yawns

November 24th, 2015 8:41 AM

In a bid to pump up his anemic African-American support, Bernie Sanders very publicly chowed down yesterday with rapper Killer Mike, who at a subsequent rally endorsed Sanders. Reporting on the meeting of the unlikely duo, the Washington Post wrote that among other things they discussed "their mutual appreciation for the work of the philosopher Noam Chomsky."

So Bernie digs Noam Chomsky. You remember Noam: condemned the killing of Bin Laden and said that George W.'s crimes "vastly exceed bin Laden's;" self-described anarchist-socialist; member of Marxist Industrial Workers of the World; agnostic on the Holocaust, doesn't think Holocaust denial is anti-Semitic; banned from visiting Israel because of anti-Israel positions; defender of the genocidal Khmer Rouge. So what has been the MSM's reaction to Sanders fondness for Chomsky? Crickets, of course. Try to imagine the MSM reaction if a leading GOP presidential candidate expressed appreciation for a similarly-controversial figure on the far right.

Note: Bernie's fondness for Chomsky isn't new-found.  Back when Sanders was mayor of The People's Republic of Burlington, he personally invited Chomsky to speak at city hall.

Note II: the media might be treating Sanders' alliance with Killer Mike as cute, but sample some of the rapper's lyrics, the first an ode to violence, the second presumably to the drug trade:

I'll pull this pistol
Put it on your poodle or your f----in baby
She clutched the pearls, said "What in the world!"
And "I won't give up s--t!"
I put the pistol on that poodle
And I shot that b--ch. -- Run the Jewels

You take a slice of my portion, I'll take a piece of your profit
I drive at illegal speeds, Keep an oz in my pocket
We run the jewels in your town, a quarter pound on my person -- Banana Clipper